Momma’s baby, Daddy’s maybe

It is finally here, the very much anticipated “Parenting with No Bra”.

In this book, I share my story of defeat, homeliness, being a two-time baby momma, and the not so ugly truth about parenting.

After having a second child at the age of 31, by someone who did not have any plans on being in a long-term relationship let alone marry me. I had to pick myself up and find my strength to provide for my kids.  I never thought one,  I would have a second child, and two I would be married if I did.

Because I lacked support from both fathers. I had to call on the only one I knew would be there for me. My relationship and faith in God grew. I began to recognize my worth and doubled my faith.  Understanding that God will supply all my needs according to his will.

So if you can relate to anything I have mentioned purchase my new book “Parenting with No Bra.”

Are you a woman who thinks it’s the man fault, for him not coming to get his kids or spend time with them? If so, read the damn book.

If you are a single mother that lack a healthy relationship with the father of your child you need to read this book.

If you are a single mother who is tired of bickering with your child father you need to purchase this book.

Are you relationship f*cker? If so, read the book.

If you and the father of your child both desire to co-parent you need to read this book.

If you are single mom and dating you need to read this book.

If you sabotage your relationships with men, you need to read this book.

The book is not only about parenting but digs into relationships, family, and personal development.

Your child deserves better, so you have to do better as a parent. When you want to or not. It’s your duty. #pushthrough

Peace, love, and blessings.

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