Finding Mr. Right + Kids

Dating is definitely a booger and life sucks. You have to get back in the swing of things. Getting to know yourself minus one; learning the new dating games; dealing with all the BS and lies men tell, and the dates where chivalry is dead. All this in lieu of finding Mr. Right.

Sometimes I ask myself is it worth it. The person you think may be a possibility is nowhere near being one. In the midst of it all, you still have baggage from your ex. In addition to, dealing with the emotional state of the kids. Helping them find comfort and their voice between the both of you.

And then you have to make room for the new guy you are dating. Talking on the phone with him, random dates, and text messaging. Not knowing if he is really the one…

So with all this….

You damn near want to take yourself out of the game and be like two tears in a bucket…you know the rest. I’m starting to think there isn’t a such thing. After two kids + thousands of dates + babysitter,  still no Mr. Right. What’s really going on?

And then I realized I can’t rush the process. Since I was very specific in my request to GOD on who and what I desired in my husband. I will wait and sit pretty. As I prepare myself for him and he prepares himself.

Enjoy the wave it doesn’t last long…





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