Snow Day? 5 things to do when stuck at home with the kids

When it snows in Atlanta or we get news, that it is going to snow we clean the grocery stores shelves buying all the bread, milk, and eggs. Schools send out notifications of early closing and closing days; the Mayor gets his staff on the roads to lay salt and communicate preparations plans for the city.

It’s kind of a State of Emergency, lol. For only 1/2 inch to 3 inches of snow, black ice and freezing rain. But hey that is how we do it in Georgia, better safe than sorry.

Any whoo for the parents, mothers, fathers, grandmas who are stuck at home on a snow day with kids I came up with 5 things you can do with them:

  • Clean Up play area. Put on some music, and tell the kids whoever pick up all of the toys and put it in the toy box first can go to their favorite place.
  • Bake Cookies. If you are like us we keep cookies in the refrigerator at all times. If you do not have cookie dough make some homemade ones. Check out
  • Netflix and Chill. Find a family movie and have the kids come curl up in the bed with you and watch a movie.
  • Storytime + classical music. Gather up 3 or more books the kids love, sit them down and read to them. They should doze off with a little classical music in the background.
  • Play board and card games. Uno all time favorite. Match. Connect Four.

If you have your own tips, comment below. Peace. Love. Blessings.


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