Losing Yourself in Motherhood

Some may argue if this is even possible. Ask a single mom she will be like hell yeah.

The truth is we all have lost ourselves at some point in life if it was loving someone else more than you love yourself. Or being consumed by work, kids, dance practices, football, or in a boyfriend/spouse; someone else hobbies rather than your own.

Is it common? I’m not sure of the statistics but I would assume about 90% of the population has experienced this…

After having my second child I felt like I lost my sense of self. The things I once enjoyed massages, traveling, visiting new restaurants and lounges, or local events I no longer wanted to. It all ceased.

Getting me out of the house was hectic. As I sit and write this post, it could have been more than just losing myself. At the time I had given birth to my son in 2012.  I was working full-time and caring for my daughter who was in middle school preparing for high school. She was maturing right in front of my eyes.I was taking care of a baby, and dealing with baby daddy issues. In addition to me, still having to work my full-time job and tend to my daughter needs and our home.

This became my daily routine and consumed 200% of my time and life. It was no more Zeta but all about everything and everyone else.

As I approached my birthday last year, I realized between ages 31 – 34. I had lost myself. It was kind of disappointing and sad. I pondered on the times in my life when I was happy just doing me and content.

I wanted to reclaim my life and implement change that I could see manifest. If you are a mother and got lost in the daily shuffle and want your old life back. Check out what I did to start this journey.

Reclaim Your Life

Start somewhere…

  • Locate a members club or group of interest. A group or club that aligns with what you enjoy i.e., dancing, traveling, yoga, painting etc.
  • Get out the house and have fun. Get dolled up and visit a nice restaurant or lounge in your city or neighborhood.
  • Meditate. Start out with 10 – 15 minutes a day of quiet time in your home, car, work etc. for peace. Tell the kids not to bother you because this is your time.
  • Call up an old friend. Contact an old friend and reminisce about old times. Sometimes you just need to get it out of your system.
  • Start living. Create a bucket list of 30 things that you want to accomplish. And make that shit happen.
  • Try something different. See want Groupon has to offer. New stuff pop up every day for you to try.

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