Fasting + Recipe

Each year I complete some type of spiritual cleansing Daniel Fast, Water Fast, or Detox for a certain amount of days. Today is Day 2 of the Daniel Fast. During the fast I spend time in prayer in the mornings, and check in with GOD throughout the day. So that I am focused on him.

For me, I find when I fast I have clarity, my mind is sharper, and my response is usually quicker than usual. I feel rejuvenated and stronger, plus  my relationship with God grows stronger.

If you haven’t fast before, I personally think you should. Research it and check in with your doctor. You will definitely see the benefits of partaking in it.

As far as my diet, I’m only eating veggies + fruits + whole wheat and no processed foods.  I shared my dinner from yesterday on IG  click here.

Very simple and quick,  cooks less than 45 minutes.

Bon Appetite


1 Tomato (cut tomato into pieces)

1 Onion

1 Mixed Vegetables (Frozen or Fresh)

2 Cloves of Garlic

1 Cup Brown Rice

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil/Canola Oil

Pinch of Salt and Black Pepper

1/3 cup of water or broth

1 teaspoon of Parsley

Servings 4


Follow instructions on packaging when cooking brown rice.

Place oil in skillet, stir in onions and garlic then turn down on medium low. Next add tomato, mixed veggies, and water/broth. Allow it to cook until all veggies are cooked to preference. Lastly sprinkle salt, parsley, pepper and season to taste. Let it simmer for 15 minutes.

Scoop rice in bowl or plate, then place stir fry on top.

Dinner is Served enjoy.

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