The Art of Juggling

In no way fashion or form, am I a professional juggler. Although as a single mom I juggle several things daily to ensure my kids and home are taken care of.  When I decided to write this post, I did some research and found a passage that truly defines the juggling life.

It is really about learning and teaching, and about understanding individual learning curves; each with its unique hills, plateaus, and valleys. It is full of useful suggestions for lowering frustration levels, and for getting un-stuck when the inevitable learning ravine is reached on the way up the hill. (Source:The Art Of Juggling)

I will say it depends on how you view your life.

I feel as though life takes us on a journey planned or unplanned. We can be to focus  or unfocused and experience plateaus. On this journey we are learning, adjusting, changing, and growing. I always say if you not learning then you not growing.

Some will say parenting in it self is strenuous. Because you are pretty much at full speed most of the time. In between time where you are not at home, work, or with kids you mind is racing with things to do. It’s easy to lose sight of yourself, your goals, kids activities, and bills because it’s just too much going on. Are you wrong if you forget to pay a bill, call out from work, gain a few pounds, miss kids extracurricular activities? I say hell no. Because you will get derailed, but it’s how you handle the balls.

Are you a juggler?


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