The Wait

For years and after several failed relationships I tell myself, I’m going to let God send me the “One” aka my future husband. How many times have you told yourself the same thing?

From one bad relationships to the next.  And having to deal with all the emotional baggage heartbreak, pain, hurt, betrayal, and  lack of affection. Aren’t you tired of this cycle?

After my last relationship, can you believe I murmured the same words. I really thought he was the one, because he had at least 80% of the qualities I had on my list, but to no prevail he was not. Eight months later I saw him for who he really was.

So you know  when dating everyone has a representative. This person usually is the person you meet, and fall in love /admire in the first few months of the relationships. And can you say this is the best time of the relationship. No arguing, hanging out, spending quality time together, all that good stuff ends. Back to the single life.

But something was different this time around. I said the say words but I was more at peace with myself. I was confident that I was making the right choice. And I knew whole heartedly God had someone just for me and a thousand times better than what I was use to. But i knew in order for him to come into mylife and God to bless me I had to turn from my old ways.

So what does that really mean? First thing first No Sex.No backstepping or back tracking. No casual dating. No visiting bar, lounges, clubs, etc., And the list goes on. None of it.

I had a cease and decease order lol..

In complete submission to the Lord. Focusing more on him and Me. I need to know him more than what I knew. Yeah he came through in difficult times but I needed to establish a relationship outside of hard times. Especially since he is my father and provider.

So you can say I’m preparing my self for the “One”. I’m being groomed while I wait.

Also I’m learning who I am and what I really want in my husband. Does he really have to be a GQ model? Does he have to be caramel brown skin? Or is more important that he is God fearing, honest, caring, loving, considerate of others, humorous? You know you lose sight of who you are and what You want? After being told of who you are not but need to be. Or just dealing with life kids, work, school, family etc. Its rediscovering your life and purpose.

So I’m choosing to spend this time I’m reading more of God word and meditating. Because that’s the only way I’m going to be feed spiritually and mentally; and connect with him. I’m learning to relax and just enjoy life. Not worrying about what my boyfriend is or is not doing. I’m more at peace with my self. Working on me inside and out.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take before I meet him. But that’s the least of my concern but I know it’s all in God hands. I just need to be present, available, and prepared when he shows up.

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from God.” Proverbs 18:22

All that to say stop searching and lurking, in due to timing he will come. If you are like me and keep attracting what you don’t want in a guy. Pump the brakes. Seek God. And Wait. Be Patient. Enjoy the Journey.

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