What are You doing with Your Life?

It’s 2am in the morning and I just finished watching several of Pastor Paula White of Paula White Ministries videos on YouTube about having a vision for your life.

In one of her videos she asked ” What are you going to do with the remainder of your life?” When was the last time you asked yourself that?

We all know that tomorrow is not promised. And the Bible tells us not to worry about tomorrow, for today has its own problems. Although that is true you still have to write a plan for your life, make it clear and put in the work.

For I know the plans for your life, plans to prosper you…

You have to have faith and believe it’s possible. Satan will keep you off guard and bring distractions to keep you from progressing.

Know that God has given you the vision for your life. It’s your responsibility to fulfill it. You cannot go another day without living out what he has given you.

You can’t continue to let Fear in. Circumstances derail you. Let doubt cloud your judgement, and second guess yourself. Each time you let events, circumstances or situations overshadow your vision, you choose to lose.

Your best days awaits you, on the other side of fear and action. You are responsible for breaking the generational curse. That’s the only way you are going to leave an inheritance for your kids and future generations.

Trust God. Trust his process.

Walk by faith and not by sight.

God is the way and only way. He will never forsake you. Think about all the times he saved you doing times in when your life was in shambles. He is omnipresent. He can do what no man can do. The supernatural.

Let today be your last day, of living mediocre. Put God first in all that you do. From every thought. To every decision. To every action you take. And watch God work in your life.

God does things decent and in order.

Peace. Love. Blessings

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