What is there to learn when you are in a room FULL of  #Glambitious women?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs attended the All White Brunch #ellitebrunch in Charlotte, NC.  Hosted by Lillie Mae owner of  Lillie Mae PR and GlambitiousIAM.com.


The event was held at The Liberty Restaurant.  The food was delicious, complimented with great customer service.

I had the opportunity to speak with some amazing women at this event. There was a lot of  empowering, encouraging them to live out their dreams, have faith and believe in themselves.

Displaying Facetune.jpg

What I learned….

  1. We are resilient. Fearless. We bounce back quick after experiencing hard times.
  2. It’s important for us to OWN the journey God has us on. And be at peace and content with where we are in life. We have to stop mimicking or resenting other women because their life look as if it is popping.
  3. Our stories are unique and different but we are able to relate and show compassion for one another. No hat8…
  4. We are the BLUEPRINT for the next generation of women, therefore, we have to take a look in the mirror and see what BLUEPRINT are we designing for our girls.
  5. When a Queen recognize another Queen it’s ok to fix her crown.

To learn more about about Lille Mae PR services or events follow LilliemaePR and GlambitiousIAM on Instagram.



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