Atlanta’s Own Cast Party

This post is well over do, but nevertheless,  let me give you the deet’s on this new reality tv show Atlanta’s Own.

The show was produced by Danielle Reed. She wanted to highlight positivity amongst women entrepreneur / small business owner’s living in Atlanta, Ga. To show black women can work together to build businesses without all the drama.

Dynamic trio (left to right) ChaKiva, ShaBria and Taylor.

These women are building businesses and focused on becoming household brand’s. They definitely do not have time for hat8, shade, fighting and throwing water bottles. They are leaving that to the other reality tv shows.


ChaKiva, is an all around business woman. She is a model, blogger, paegent queen and owner of “Spoiled Diva”. Her custom pieces sells all over the world to various clients. She has worked with well known brands i.e Victoria Secret etc., Her plans for Spoiled Diva is to expand and add other items to the merchadise catalog.

Shabria, is the youngest of the bunch. She models and has her own clothing line “Melanaire”. Her humor, beauty, and whit will definitely keep us entertained.

The last cast member is Taylor, who is ambitious and driven by success. Her mission is to leave a legacy for her family. She is focused and determined to achieve her goal. In the near future, she plans to open a brick and mortar for her clothing brand “Hallelujuah Trends” in Georgia.

Now there was a fourth cast member who left the show last minute. For whatever reason. So we will see….

📸 Left to right (Chakiva and Taylor)

I definitely think the show will be promising in the near future once it hit’s the major networks. The vision behind the show was to showcase positivity that happens when real women entrepreneurs collaborate. If they stay true to their word, they will definitely differentiate themselves from all the other reality shows.

📸 ohNikka Shae and ChaKiva Latrell (left to right)

Stay tuned in to the first season. Be sure to follow Atlanta’s Own on Instagram and Facebook.
Lastly please follow the cast on all Social Media outlets @shabriabrenae @chakivalatrell @taylorsmith.

Peace. Love.Blessings.

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