Be Resilient 

As well all know life is not always peachy!

The events that occur in our life may not be as traumatic as someone else but whatever it is it takes us off course.
Some of us bounce back quick some do not. I think as long as your recover, dust yourself off, and get back up you are a winner. It doesn’t matter the length of time it takes you, as long as you get back up.

We can not let our circumstances take us out.

You can change your life and situation at any given time. Rely on God. Trust him and no man. Change your mindset.

When you are going through tough times, there should be less talking and more reading the Bible and praying. Stop telling your problems to people who can’t fix it. As you continue to tell someone your problem, you continue to live out the situation. Stop this. Find you some Bible scriptures that speak to your situation, write them down and read them out loud daily.

Each time I was dealt lemons God always showed up just in time.

He showed up because I believed. He showed up because I was his child. He said in his word “he would not forsake me.” He showed up because I seeked him. Why did I seek him? Because I needed a miracle and he was the only one that could do the Miraculous.

You have to change the way you think. I know you have been told by your parents, teachers, friends, and society what can and cannot be done. It’s so much negativity being thrown at us daily and that’s how we began to look at life. But you and I know different. I want to see and hear the great things that can be done.

I live in a fantasy world. And that’s ok….

Positivity! Positive thinking. To change your mind you have to change the channels you are tuned in to on and off the Internet. God is in us. And he is directing our every move. You have to make sure you are tuned in to his station.

Be resilient.

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