Meet the Author’s of Atlanta

Books, Babes, and Cocktails…

Turn your dreams into reality. – Zeta J.

After self-publishing my books, I realized there weren’t any networks or social media outlets for author’s in my state. If you are like me and have published a book, more than likely you are the only author in your circle of friends. You have no one to discuss the ups and downs of being an author. No one to discuss business strategies or marketing tools to propell your business.  You are pretty much on this journey alone.

If you are new to following me, I am your girl Zeta J. author, celebrity blogger and business woman. Several month’s ago I made a commitment to myself that 2017 would not be the same as 2016.

I made sh!t happen. 

L to R : Me and Dorian (Illustrator)

I’ve published two books “Parenting with No Bra” and “Like Father, Like Son – I Am. Both are available on Amazon. I’ve been marketing and interviewing in my city like a marketing ninja. You’ve seen me on radio shows, magazine covers, on multiple social media platforms and out and about in Atlanta the life of a blogger. On this journey, I have met so many like minded individuals and curated long lasting relationships

 Stepping completely out of my comfort.

Because of that one decision my life and business has changed drastically. This idea of Meet the Author’s was just an idea that I knew I had to make it happen.  The purpose behind MTA’17  was to gather other author’s in an intimate setting to discuss the life of an author and business strategies. This experience was never about me and more about them.

 I see it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it. – Bey

Fast forward May 20, 2017, I hosted my very first Meet The Author’s of Atlanta experience. #booksbabesandcocktails

I was truly blessed to have spent the evening with these amazing women. We all shared commonalities in our stories that we all  could relate to. We each left feeling empowered and compelled to share our stories and developed a sisterhood.
This was definitely a humbling experience for me. Because they believed in little ole Zeta J.

Check out Meet The Author’s experience 2017 📸:

Thanks a Million ladies for believing….

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Ashleigh Guice @singlewomanchronicles

Melissa January @iam_melissajanuary

Bella Rose @bellarose

Shanna Jefferson @shannajefferson

Tinzley Bradford @tinzleyb

Serrica Jackson @rica jackson

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