Entrepreneurship isn’t For the Meek-  AshSaidit ™ Daily

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking and interviewing with the lovely Ash Brown of AshSaidIt™Daily Podcast. She is the epitome of a survivor and true boss.


You ask WHY? Her podcast AshSaidIt™Daily has had over a quarter of a MILLION downloads across various platforms ITunes, GooglePlay, Iheart Radio, TuneIn, and Stitcher. She is currently in the progress of filming her TV show.

True Boss Move. The Power of Pink!

She said, I turned my pain in to passion but her testimony has shown me that it takes obedience to God; and he will show up and show out in due time.

Who Said it? You already know AshSaidIt™.

Before my interview we chatted for awhile on a personal note sharing our story of hurt, loss, defeat, and pain. Although our stories and journey are different we could definitely relate to each other past.

We did a deep dive into the good, bad, and ugly of entrepreneurship. …

Listen to – How I Turned my Pain into Passion

📸: Taken at Little Blue Box Brunch

Our stories aren’t for us to keep but for us to share. – AshSaidIt™

You never know who you will meet, that will either bless you or you be a blessing to them. So always be ready and put your best foot forward.

Never give up.

Trust God and the process.

Go after what you want. Nothing will be given to you without effort.

Believe in the Miraculous .

Check out my Interview with AshSaidIt™Daily Podcast – How I Turned my Pain into Passion.

Go follow her on IG @1loveAsh. Email her to schedule your interview on her show at info@ashsaidit.com.

Visit her site  https://www.ashsaidit.com

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