The V in Vain and Vanity

We all love a good selfie. But you know it takes work to make sure you are popping before snapping that pic to post on Instagram.

You put in so much work.

You have to make sure your lighting is right.

Your make-up popping.

Your pose is on point.

Your background stands out.

That’s a lot right.

I know for me when taking my selfie my make-up has to be popping. Especially, on weekends when I have events.

Thanks to my MUA – Emanuelle she comes through every time.

Double V’s in China

If you didn’t know China  is #1 when it comes to the latest beauty trends combined with technology.

Every year an exhibition is held in China called the Canton Fair where thousands of vendors and business owner’s show up to see the latest and greatest products and technologies.

In recent years, Panasonic released the Panasonic Smart Mirror.

Did you hear me?

This mirror takes an up close and personal picture.

Points out all your flaws.

Recommend’s beauty care products and cosmetics for you to correct and enhance your imperfections.

Once the mirror completes a mock up of you, with a full face of makeup.  You have the option to print the picture and take it to your local beauty or cosmetic store to purchase the items.

Isn’t this dope…

Why purchase makeup again not knowing how you are going to look when it’s applied!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall has it all packaged just for you.

Get a sneak peek below:

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