The Other Woman Chronicles

Sitting here thinking to myself, “How in the world did I end up here?”

Like so many women who are looking for love and someone to care about them. You find yourself in sticky situations. I found myself in just that! Sticky situation, where I was indeed The Other Woman.

Many women can relate to being in a situation where the man that you are involved with is indeed married and not yours.

I was what you would probably say “A kept woman.” In all fairness I was in love with this man. I was at his every beck and call and I thought if I gave him what he wanted, he would give me what I needed.

Lets get real! When you are the other woman, you are being nothing more than on booty call with benefits. You may see the money, lavish gifts and weekend getaways as love, but it’s only payment for what you are giving him, sex!

All the things to keep you quiet and under his control.

We fall in love with a man and think he is our prince charming and everything you ever wanted in a man lies within him.

As a woman, most of us have low self esteem about ourselves or feel that we are not worthy of love.

No matter how hard the other woman, or side chick think she will be the chosen one, or feel she can take him from his wife, she is only fooling herself. You will never get that #1 spot.

He tries to prove his control over you as love.

Its funny, when I look back over the years I wasted being the other woman, and the hurt I went through. It was definitely a waste of my time.

The Other Woman, or being the side chick is like an American epidemic. Its seems to be a way of life.
Marriage is not sacred anymore and we as the other woman are helping to tear down the walls of marriage, honesty and respect.

Yes, I was once that woman. At the time all I cared about was getting what I wanted and not caring about anything else.

Being the other woman starts out all fun, but its definitely not all glamorous like its portrayed. You live a constant life of being on ready every time that man call your number.

I suffered mental and physical abuse, because he thought he owned me. Every time he gives you money, gifts and tears you down its so that you don’t think anyone else would ever want you. You give a little bit of your self respect away each time, until you can’t see up for looking down.

One thing for sure, the men play a  part in this unaccepted behavior. Ladies, as the other woman you definitely play a huge part in this problem, but the real problem is the one laying next to you every night, whom you took vows with.

Lift yourself up little girl and shake those shackles of shame, humiliation, hurt and pain off. Start over and begin living again.

Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (3)

“Our blogs are sponsored by @swagher magazine.”

2 thoughts on “The Other Woman Chronicles

  1. I really enjoyed sharing this piece with you and in hopes of helping another woman from making the same mistake. Its not pretty, nor am I proud, but its my truth and I have learned from it.

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  2. Thanks for being real and sharing your experience. In the end, it’s about growth and learning to value yourself. I look forward to reading more! Please come over and visit my space as well at: 🌸 p.s. there’s no shame in being real and sharing truth. Blessings, Tonye🌸🌍👣


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