Single Woman Writes an Open Letter to her Ex-Boyfriends

Brace yourself  The Single B*tch Diaries puts her  ex’s on blast. Telling them the good, bad, and ugly. When turning over a new leaf, you must let the past go.

Dear Ex……

J.T. – I met you when I was young. I was still in high school and you were older than me. I thought your possessiveness equaled love. You were controlling, jealous and just a hateful little bitch. You taught me the meaning of dysfunction and that there is always better waiting. I did not need you at all

Alvin- I met you very soon after my dysfunction. We were supposed to be something special. We could have been great but I was not ready for you. I did wrong and plenty of it. You had balls enough to put me in my place, something no one else ever did. Strangely enough, you make me feel very insecure because no matter what I do, I feel that you will not let me escape my past. You have to know that I am not that 18-year old that you met almost 10 years ago. I just feel that you do not understand me, I feel so misunderstood. 


I have grown into an amazing woman but you will not give me my credit.

 I just wish that you would take more responsibility for your actions. Sorry for not always being honest but you taught me a whole bunch of shit. You taught me that my words could cut and that you always do not deserve a second chance. Most importantly you taught me how to be a mother….thank you for my beautiful son.

Kelvin- You could have been the one. You taught me not to take anyone for granted.

Ben- I learned that sometimes being stuck in the past will keep you from moving forward. You wanted to be my man and court me but I was stuck on someone who did not even want me and I did not realize my gift of being a woman. But now I know…

Antonio- I never realized how overwhelmed with emotions I could be. You taught me what sexual chemistry and compatibility were. I felt that you were the only person that I was in love with but now I know that it was just lust. I felt so comfortable being me. You accepted me for who I was and I loved that. But I wasted a lot of time on your ass. I learned that I cannot settle for a little bit of a man because you were afraid to give me more. What you and I had was very significant in my life but it damaged me. Our relationship turned me into someone jaded and hurt. I realized that I am too good for a woman to just settle for what I can get. I cheated myself by giving you more time than I should have.

Sheldon- You taught me that timing is everything and that I should speak up about what I want out of a man. I felt that our connection was very spiritual. Everything that you possess, I want in a man. You have some faults but your characteristics and morals are perfect for me. I should have been realistic about what I really wanted from you and I wanted to be with you. I still think we should give it a shot one day. What do you think?


You can’t bring your past into the future…. 

Kareem- you showed me what it means to not have expectations. When it came to you I did not have a fear or worry, probably because I just went with the flow.

Joe- you taught me not to EVER give a damn “man” money again!!! I will give you credit and say that your sex was awesome and you had the biggest penis that I have ever seen. I have forgotten about the money but not the good sex. Sounds crazy but I am willing to recant my statement about not giving a man money again if you can just break me off 1 or maybe 7,8, 9 or 100 more times.

Zale –  thanks for teaching me to stick to my guns when it comes to relationships. I should not have given you a try. You showed me that I should not compromise what I want just because a man looks good. You were fine as hell, I was intrigued by your looks. You were the closest thing to what I wanted physically. But I guess looks are not everything. Thanks for the good dick though, it was the best that I have had in while.

Ashton –  You came in the nick of time to show me what I deserve. Too bad that you are spoken for but to be honest I do not think we would be able to work out. Do not take this the wrong way but I feel that your purpose is to help me through this rough patch in my life. You showed me what I could possibly have if I position myself right. You reminded me of what a Queen I am…thank you.


The Single B*tch

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