An Experience To Remember: YBLimited Brand Ambassador Photo Shoot 


Last Sunday, I walked into CEI Hair School  not knowing what to expect. I never worked with leaders in the modeling or fashion industry before. All I knew was that I was there to work.

The Experience

I was greeted and welcomed by the YBLimited Mobile Squad team.  I was introduced to everyone that I would be working with that day.


The tone was set before I arrived BE ON TIME. As we all know time is money. I was there bright and early. I walked in, the Project Manager Tracy,  had the day planned out. She explained the do’s and don’ts before the show got started.

Models were in chairs ready for hair and makeup, videographer and photographer  both in action capturing the behind the scenes, and wardrobe stylist coordinated their changes. Bloggers were in full effect watching, taking notes, and embracing the experience.

Enter a caption

The day was jammed pack with lights, camera, and action. Every hour, minute and second from start to finish.

I will say the magic happened when the models were glamm’d up and the spotlight on them.

They were flawless from head to toe.

Do you hear me?

Their pose, confidence, and beauty illuminated. I was standing on the sidelines in awe.

For those of you wanting to pursue a modeling career,  it’s serious business and should not be taken lightly.

These models were skilled and OWNED the camera. From their pose to how they sat to holding the right angles to them smiling with their eyes. Every second and movement was calculated to capture the RIGHT look.

I was amazed.


There were moments of laughter and fun.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We were in the heart of downtown capturing the moments and scenes. Fast paced….all action.. walking and running sticking to the schedule.

Beauty was in the air.

In between time, I had the pleasure of interviewing the Founder of YBLimited, Mr. Phillip Washington.

For whatever reason I couldn’t upload his interview to this blog post but I will share it on my YouTube channel Get Inspired with Zeta J. by Sunday night….

The Experience was over the top, fun and entertaining. The YBLimited Glam Squad was welcoming and friendly.

I left, gaining new friendships and relationships.

To sum it all up,  I can’t wait to be part of the YBLimited Experience again.

Good Vibes Only.

Deedria, Owner of CEI Schools and Phillip, Founder of YB Limited
DC, YBL Brand Ambassador and I (Zeta J)

Oh yeah I was a model for a quick second….

Don’t forget to ask yourself…

 Y – B -Limited?

Contact YB Limited Mobile Glam Squad for more information:

Meet the Glam Squad Team:

Instagram: @yblimited

Phone Number: 678 – 609 – 3184

Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (1)

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