Ordinary to Extraordinary: Mindset Shift


Do you ever feel like you’re at a constant repetitive pace throughout the week? How can you channel and change your mindset to get the most out of how you approach your goals daily?

7 Mindset Shifts to Transition from Ordinary to Extraordinary

1. Set and prioritize to-do lists weekly and review daily. Sometimes we end the day trying to figure out what we accomplished. How did we win the day? Creating a to-do list will help build on what needs to be prioritized on a daily basis. Identify at least three bullets for each list that are short-term to complete for the day. Your short-term goals should reflect your long-term goals such that you are able to put effort your long-term goals daily.


2. Take the time to make connections. Identify events or meet-ups in your area to connect with others outside the internet. Usually, if you have a problem or need advice from someone else, you’ll have a fresh perspective getting it from someone you don’t know.


3. Increase your energy levels. Having a good mindset means that your body has to feel good too! Whether it’s a low impact exercise like yoga for 15 minutes or bike cycling; releasing toxins will help you perform better throughout your day and with your decision-making.

4. Find your happy place. Be it at home in your favorite nook or finding a new lounge/coffee place to enjoy just being present and at the moment is take you from ordinary to extraordinary. Every day doesn’t always have to be a rush. Find your happy place.

5. Forgive yourself. Whether it’s something in the past or present, you can not remain hostage. You must let go and forgive yourself. If you have not adequately addressed your past traumas, I encourage you to seek professional help from a psychotherapist.


6. Rid yourself of toxic people. One of the tools in The Greatness Toolbox: 33 Tools for Success indicates you must detox your life. Take the time and think about who in your life you spend the most time thinking about. Are there situations or scenarios that you wish could have been handled differently or has happened multiple times? This person or group of people might be toxic. It could be family or workplace related. Getting rid of the constant feeling of negativity will help you feel more confident and positive in your overall aspects of life.


7. Know your worth. How can you be successful if you do not know your worth? Without knowing your worth, you will be inclined to settle for less.

Never settle for less. Never undervalue yourself. You are valuable. Know your worth.  

For psychotherapy services schedule an appointment with Shanna Jefferson.

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Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (2)

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