Werk Girl: Transition Your Outfit from the Office to Happy Hour

Women wear multiple hats. We are mothers, wives, bosses, entrepreneurs, friends, advisers, etc.  We chauffeur, we mentor, we entertain, we cook, we clean, and we work all while trying to look presentable.  And to be honest, some of us just give up on looking presentable.  It can be exhausting!  The last thing we have time to be worried about is what to wear to the office, or to that business meeting, or to dinner with friends after work.  I mean who has time to put together outfits when your main focus is ensuring that the rest of your world is running smoothly.  The answer is no one.

This is where I come in.  For us women that are pressed for time, we need to be able to pull together items that are already in our closet to create looks.  And of course, these looks need to help us feel extra confident when we walk out of the house.  But what kind of items would help you create this type of look?  Well today, I’m going to let you in on a few secrets that will help you transition from the perfect office look to the perfect “night out” look.  The components to consider when pulling off these two types of looks are – the main piece, the accessories, the makeup, and the shoes.  The good thing is that most likely, you already have all of these items in your closet.

So first you’re going to need the main piece.  As you can see below, I chose this classic black sheath dress from White House Black Market.  Sheath dresses are my favorite type of dress.  They hug a woman’s curves nicely, yet they’re usually long enough to still be considered tasteful and classy.  In most cases, a sheath dress is perfect to wear to the office and to wherever you’re going afterward.


Next are your accessories! Accessories include jewelry, bags, scarfs, cardigans, etc. Accessories really make the outfit stand out.  And they help to distinguish the look of your outfit.  So if you’re going for a more fun, outgoing look, your accessories should reflect that.  And you’re going for a more serious, conservative look, your accessories should, and most likely, will reflect that.  Take these things into consideration when getting dressed for different occasions.


Photo Courtesy of Paparazzi Accessories



Makeup is also a component that can distinguish your day to night look.  To make it easy to transition from day to night, I would suggest keeping your face, eyes, and lips neutral (browns and tans) during the day.  Then add a dramatic colored lippy when you’re getting ready to leave the office for the evening.

The last item that will help you pull off the perfect office look and happy hour look are your shoes.  I didn’t include these in the accessories list because I feel that they are in a class all by themselves.  Let’s just state the obvious.  Your work shoes are not going to look the same as your going out shoes.  The shoes you wear to the office are probably going to be a bit conservative and a lot more comfortable than the shoes that you’ll wear to happy hour.  The shoes (hopefully heels) that you wear to a happy hour event are going to be tall, sexy, sparkly, and have a lot more details than your basic work heel.  Find that heel in your closet that has all of these traits.  Those are the ones that you should throw on with your dress after you leave the office.

Photo Courtesy of Steve Madden


Below are two looks that I created with the same classic black sheath dress.

As you can see, my first look would be considered conservative.  I’m wearing layers; a scarf and a cardigan.  These two pieces cover up my arms and my neck (something that we tend to do more of when working in an office).  This is because we don’t want to show too much skin or feel uncomfortable.  It’s also because it’s usually freezing in the office!


I’m also wearing my pearl earrings and a nude lipstick. My jewelry and makeup are very minimal.  I wear minimal jewelry on an everyday basis as it is but when getting dressed for the office, I do like to keep my jewelry very simple and delicate too.  It creates a clean, neat, and chic look. However, I’m not against statement necklaces.  Those can be worn into the office as well.


Lastly, I’m wearing pumps that are medium height.  Pumps should be a staple in your closet for office wear.  They are the last piece that completes your look.  Here, I have on classic, black, pointy toe pumps from BCBG.  These are my favorite pair of black pumps because they’re cute, appropriate, and comfortable.  I also suggest that you get a nude pair.

My next look displays how you would transition from the office look to the night out look.  I’m still wearing my black sheath dress.  However, I am no longer hiding under that cardigan and scarf.  I’m showing some skin people!  Also, I removed my pearl earrings and added my hoop earrings.  You can also go for big statement pieces when transitioning to evening wear.  Statement pieces put you on notice but make sure you still shine through all of the bright and shiny pieces!


For my makeup, I simply added a red lip and just freshened up the makeup that I had already been wearing.  A little animal print never hurt anyone. So, why not add a cute animal print clutch?  You can add any one of your favorite printed clutches to your look as well.  It doesn’t have to be animal print.


Lastly, I am no longer wearing those black pumps, instead, I opted for my patent leather lace-up sandals.  Aren’t these sexy!


Dress (Similar) – JCPenney Pumps – BCBGeneration  Heels (Similar) – Steve Madden Bag – Fossil  Cardigan (Similar) – Macy’s  Scarf (Similar) – Banana Republic  Jewelry – Paparazzi

And that’s it!  How easy is it to transition from an office look to an evening look now?  It just requires you to throw a few items in your bag before leaving the house.  I hope this post has helped you to be a little more prepared when you’re trying to decide how you’re going to get changed in time to make it to an evening event from the office.  Because as I stated before, this is the last thing you need to be worrying after dealing with real life priorities.  Now you can walk out of the office with the same confidence that you had when you walked into the office!

Note that all of these items, except for the dress, are old purchases that came straight out of my closet.

Try shopping your closet before going out and buying new pieces.  You never know how many great pieces you may find!

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2 thoughts on “Werk Girl: Transition Your Outfit from the Office to Happy Hour

  1. I love this outfit. And agreed, a great sheath dress is so versatile. You can wear it to work and then wear out for a night on the town. it’s diffidently a staple in my wardrobe.


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