Disaster or Not: Mixing Business and Friendships

Will It Lead To Your Ultimate Regret?

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Mixing business and friendships can lead to one of two things, a complete success, or a huge disaster. It can truly put a friendship to the test.

When deciding to step out and start a business it can be exciting, scary and overwhelming. Of course you want your friends to be as happy for you, as you are for yourself.

There is no denying that these two will definitely run into each other.

I feel that this can sometimes make or break a friendship. Or help define your once strong friendships.

Let’s be honest, both situations present their own obstacles and challenges. You will then be challenged as an individual, friend and business owner.


So ask yourself, “should I mix the two or keep them separate?”

I have noticed, if you have true friends who have been supportive since day one, that friendship may work and turn out to be successful.

As business owner’s we have to know how to separate the two. Our friends have to understand we have boundaries and respect that is expected of them.

We tend to want our friends to win in life and trust plays a big part in our decision to engage the two.



But a friend that is not genuine about their happiness for you; you will see that relationship go left real quick.

Be honest and truthful with yourself, and know that majority of the time your friends will not want the same things you may want out of life. And that is OK… But know when you break away from what you have always done, they may feel threatened.

Your business is your life and future. We can want our friends to be there so much, that we tend to look away at the tiny red flags of jealousy, shade and backstabbing.

We cannot continue to give them free passes because of  our friendship.

Oil and water just don’t mix.

When you are running a business and your friends are involved in it, there are so many things that can arise. They may feel you are playing favorites toward other employees or other professionals and not giving them the praise and respect they think they deserve.

20 year friendships can be tested and torn apart. So be careful and choose wisely.

Think about what is important to you.

“Are your friends really a good match for your business?”

Business and friendships may not be the drink you may want to mix.

Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (3)


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