Destiny Meets Purpose Interview with Shanna Jefferson

When you are pursuing your dreams and following your passions, you never know who you may come in contact with. Some encounters are brief. Some are temporary.  Some are long-term. Some are long-lasting.

With that you never know the outcome. You hope that you and the other person impact each other lives for the good.

That is the way my friendship with the lovely and faithful servant of God Ms. Shanna Jefferson  developed. Our relationship has matured in recent months professionally and personally. With minimum effort. And we have supported each other loud but silently.

I watched her grow and use her faith on this path of entrepreneurship to take her business and career to the next level.

I am honored, that I got the chance to interview her as she opens up with us about her life and journey of entrepreneurship.



Tell us a little bit about yourself and background.

I am Shanna A. Jefferson. I hail from Allendale, SC graduating in 2002 from Allendale-Fairfax High School. Upon graduation, I matriculated to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill earning my Bachelors of Public Policy and Master of Social Work degrees. Currently, I am a Doctor of Social Work candidate at Capella University. Professionally, I am a Life Coach, Business Consultant, Author, Speaker, and psychotherapist.

My life motto is “For to whom much is given, of him much shall be required”.  With that being said, my primary passion and purpose in life are to serve as an agent of change. I haven’t been fed with a silver spoon in the traditional sense of the saying. However, I’ve been blessed with the silver spoon filed with grace, gratitude, humility, integrity, faith, service, divine connections, and the spirit of greatness.

Tell us about the Shanna Jefferson Brand and what services you offer?

The Shanna Jefferson brand is constantly evolving. Currently, the brand consists of life coaching, therapy/counseling, consulting, clinical supervision, and two books.

I noticed one day on your Instagram page you mentioned your foundation, which we never spoke about. I was like WOW. Tell us more about your foundation and how it helps those that are in need.

The Destination Greatness Foundation was established in July 2014 as the official business entity for my giving back efforts. We have several projects including a scholarship fund.

DG Foundation Logo

On August 10, 2014, in the presence of family including my Father’s twin brother, the late Honorable W.M. Jefferson, I announced The George M. Jefferson Agent of Change Scholarship. To date, we have awarded over $2000 to graduating high school seniors that are agents of change.

Other projects of the foundation include our back to school S.WA.G. Retreat. The SWAG Retreat is more than just your traditional school supply giveaway as we will offer empowerment sessions, a vision board party, and motivational speakers. At this time, we are seeking sponsors for our event to be held in my hometown of Allendale, SC. Donations can be made via our website at For further inquiry, sponsors and supporters may contact me at

How did you jump on the journey of entrepreneurship? Do you have any female idols who has inspired?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur primarily stemming from the hustler mentality embedded in me by my Father, Mr. George M. Jefferson. Upon retiring as an educator following 33 years of service, my Father hustled to support his family. He became the watermelon man, tape man, peach man…you name it!  I have vivid memories of essentially going door to door with my Father as he got his hustle on. Furthermore, my greatest lessons and values in life stem from my humble upbringing.


And there have absolutely been female idols that have inspired me on my journey. Frankly, you (Zeta J.) have been one of them. It has certainly been a blessing having you on my Greatness Squad since meeting at your inaugural Meet the Authors event. I highly value and appreciate the power of women empowering and supporting each other.

Recently you published your book. What was he vision behind writing this book and who/what inspired you to write a book?

In March 2016, I attended an event in Durham, NC hosted by Sisters Pushing Sisters. The co-host Koketta Shelton requested that I share with the audience a little about myself. She gave me 5 minutes notice!  I experienced some anxiety. However, I understand the importance of being obedient. Thus, I prayed and reflected on the commonality of the speakers before me.

Every speaker before me identified themselves as an author. Thus, at that moment, I felt extremely blessed to be in the midst of so many authors. Upon concluding my speech, I announced that on May 15, 2016, which was to be my 32nd Birthday, I would release my 1st book 32 Shades of Greatness. A year later on my 33rd Birthday, I released my 2nd book, The Greatness Toolbox: 33 Tools for Success.

What challenges have you faced with in your business and with self-publishing? And how did you overcome them?

I can (and will) write a book pertaining to the adversities I’ve encountered as an entrepreneur and business owner! In overcoming the challenges, I relied on my faith and resiliency to propel me to transcend adversity and achieve greatness.

Do you have any nuggets or words of wisdom for aspiring writers or entrepreneurs?

The power of believing in you, having faith, demonstrating perseverance, never giving up, stepping out of your comfort zone, and giving credit to the Most High is life-changing.

Aspiring writers and entrepreneurs can also purchase my book The Greatness Toolbox: 33 Tools for Success to gain further insight into some of the tools I’ve employed on my entrepreneurial journey.

Where can our readers purchase your book and contact you regarding your services?

To purchase my books and learn more about the services I offer,  please visit my website at Appointments can conveniently be scheduled online. For further inquiry, please email me at

Are you working on any upcoming projects? And what can we expect from you in the future? 

Yes! I have several upcoming projects that I’m excited about. I’m developing a Membership Network for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs, releasing 2 e-books, and commencing a new movement with my hairstylist London Bridges.

Thanks, Zeta J for the opportunity to be a vessel on your Get Inspired platform! Readers can follow my weekly guest blog post every Tuesday at Also, readers can contact me directly via the following mediums.

Connect with Ms.Shanna Jefferson

Jefferson Logo



IG: @shannajefferson


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