Girl Talk at Girls Inc: You Were Born a Winner



Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of speaking to the young girls at Girls Inc. Atlanta, Ga. We chatted about business, books, and girl stuff that matters. I poured into them what it really takes to be a “winner”.

Michelle Graves is the Director of Outreach Programs at this location. She informed me last week was business and entrepreneurship. And the girls were working together creating a product/service from start to finish.

I was so excited to hear about their efforts and their introduction to business and entrepreneurship. Anyone that knows me, know that I am passionate about anything related to business and helping others. And for the girls to be introduced at this age is history in the making.

Some of the girls products and services were bath bombs, lotions, and candles.

I could tell in their eyes they were excited and eager to share…

Who is Girls Inc?


Girl’s Inc is a 501 nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire all girls to be STRONG, SMART, and BOLD. This organization has several hubs throughout the states. To learn more visit

You Were Born a Winner


You don’t get what you want. You don’t get what you hope for. You get want you believe. – Oprah

Own Who You Are

I constantly reminded the girls it’s OK to be different. I told them the girl next to you is not better than you because she is taller, skinnier, longer hair etc. Love your uniqueness and that’s how God created. We are not or will we be the same.

Be a Dream Chaser

Never stop dreaming. Meet new people. Learn new skills. Visit a different state. Be creative and innovative. Stick out from the crowd. And it’s great to work as a team.


Facetune (11)

Learn. Learn. Learn.

I explained to the girls you are always learning. It is a must in order to get ahead and achieve greatness. I stressed the importance of practicing skills and reading about various subjects/topics daily. And be receptive to feedback given from someone because it’s a learning experience.

Homework for the Girls

Afterwards the girls and I chatted. I asked them to create a bucket list of 5 things they would like to do and work towards doing it. We agreed that I would come back to do a bloggers workshop.

I Got Inspired

For some reason today this speaking engagement was different. I was inspired.

Inspired to do more.

Inspired to redirect my energy in a different direction that will impact millions.

Whatever my next move is, it has to be meaningful and change lives….


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Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (1)


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