Get Your Brand In Front of Millions


A couple of weeks ago I was broadcasting live discussing random things on Periscope. I like Periscope because it is a platform where you can actually broadcast to MILLIONS of people all over the world.

Just so happen, the owner Willie of Publicity Beacon saw one of my videos and reached out to me. Asked if I would be interested and sharing my story with Millions of people across the world.

Of course I said “Yes”.

We Are Publicity Beacon!

We are a book publishing, promotion and news media company, we help entrepreneurs become best-selling authors and show them how to use a book as a marketing tool. We help you establish a platform that gets you more recognition, authority and publicity which boosts your sales and profit.




We’ve published countless best-selling authors in the last 5 years who have appeared in ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, FOX, HUFFPOST, BUZZFEED and more. We provide full publishing, ghost-writing and promotional services that will help new and experienced authors.


Benefits of becoming a Best Selling Author?

  1. Brands you as an expert in your field.
  2. Separates You From The Rest!
  3. Creates several new income streams
  4. Builds a platform to get PAID Speaking engagements
  5. Gives a product to sell at appearance / speaking engagements
  6. Can be used as a lead generator for your business
  7. Open the doors to countless opportunities

For More Information Contact Publicity Beacon Today


Twitter: @publicityBeacon

Instagram: @publicitybeacon

Join me on Periscope today @CeoZetaJ

Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (1)


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