The Power of Treating Yourself at a Retreat


In a world, where portable devices and social media makes us accessible always, there is now a greater need to find ways to unplug completely for our overall well-being.  Unlike vacations and weekend getaways, retreats are being sought out more often since they meet a unique need and interest. Retreats tend to have itineraries and activities planned that follow a theme.  

Themes range from women specific, couple’s specific, dietary, fitness, spiritual, travel, adventure to other personal interest. Activities provided by these retreats can include detox, yoga, meditation, relaxation, healing and lifestyle changes. Retreats are powerful enough to transform our lives in a matter of days.  There is an unconscious part of us that moves on autopilot, attending a retreat can shake things up and give you the courage to make transformations happen in your life. If you attend a retreat with your spouse or friends, it also has the potential to shift your perspective, bring forward a new awareness or strengthen your bond with loved ones.

As a guest host for two upcoming retreats, I find myself very elated about being included and having the opportunity to share my passion at both events.  The first retreat is a spiritual retreat themed around releasing old patterns and focusing on healing.  This retreat will be held in Atlanta and lead by a Spiritual Life Coach. I will be providing the mindfulness component and teaching others how to empower themselves through deep breathing and body awareness.

The second event is an international yoga and hiking retreat located in southern Spain where I will get to share my unique style of meditative yoga to deal with the stress of everyday life. My intentions for both events is to help participants connect with their inner guidance through stillness and to provide tools they can use daily. If you have not attended a retreat below is a list of reasons why you should consider it.

Many Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself


  • Retreats only require you to show up and the focus is on you.  Unlike vacationing with family and friends where you might have to plan or coordinate every aspect to ensure everyone is happy. Retreats not only provide a theme but they also provide a schedule. You get to choose which events you want to attend and the rest of the time is at your leisure.
  • Retreats have everything you need in one location. The location tends to be serene and secluded which means everything you need must be either close by or easily accessible.  There is usually a pool, sauna or spa on the premise for you to use as often as you like.  Meals tend to be planned as well.  In fact, the organizers have probably thought of everything which means you don’t have to worry.
  • Retreats are exploratory in nature. You get to explore a culture or lifestyle without committing.  You can also use a retreat as a springboard for jumping into a new lifestyle. For instance, if you attend a detox retreat, you may learn about living a vegan lifestyle.  Your experiences may transform how you look at food and lead to you becoming a vegan. I personally have always had an interest in Spanish culture and foods, so I’m looking forward to exploring the culture and possibly bringing back new recipes or spices.
  • Retreats allow you to meet other individuals with the same interest.  The individuals you meet will have intentionally chosen the retreat so you get to connect and bond with your tribe. We become bonded by experiences therefore you will have a unique experience that only you and other participants can relate to.  You potentially get to create life long bonds with people from across the globe.retreat3

Retreats are powerful ways to create change in your life. Retreats give us a chance to unplug and rejuvenate at our own pace. They only require that you appear with an open mind.  



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