Where’d You Get Those Jeans: Best Jeans Under $40


A common dilemma for most women when it comes to getting dressed on a casual day is finding the right pair of jeans to wear. We want the fit to be right, we want the length to be right, and we want the price to be right. We’re not trying to spend hundreds of dollars on a good pair of jeans when there are jeans out there that are moderately priced that still fit our requirements. I decided to take an inventory of the jeans that are in my closet and I picked out three of my favorite pair of jeans right now that fit perfectly in my opinion and are also a great price. All of these jeans are under $40. Check out my choices below.

The first pair of jeans out of my closet are from New York and Company.  I’ve been buying jeans from New York & Company since I was a teenager and they never fail.  The first thing to note about New York & Company is that their jeans are usually on sale.  Whether it’s Buy One, Get One Free; Buy one, get one for $10; or Buy One, get one 50% off, there’s always a sale.  For example, the jeans that I’m wearing in the picture below are currently on sale at New York & Company’s website for $29.97.  This an amazing price; especially because these jeans are so comfortable and durable.  Another reason that I love New York & Company’s jeans is that they carry sizes that cater to a variety of women.  Their jean sizes start at 0 and go up to a 20.  They also have lengths for us tall girls, as well as petite and regular.  The quality and fit are great, and they last forever!


CardiganBoohoo  TopASOS  JeansNew York & Company  HeelsTarget


The next pair of jeans are from Old Navy. You can easily find a pair of jeans at Old Navy for under $40. Of course, if there is a sale, then you can get them for an even lower price. Old Navy’s fan favorite is the Rockstar jeans. These jeans have an incredible shape and stretch to them; so they accentuate your booty and your hips. Like New York & Company’s jeans, they have petite, regular, and tall lengths. Also like New York & Company, their sizes range from size 0 to size 20. The size range is important because women come in many shapes and sizes. We need our jeans to accommodate our various body types. Along with great prices and great fits, Old Navy also has a variety of colors, designs, and style of jeans.


Cardigan (Similar)Forever 21  TopASOS  JeansOld Navy  HeelsTarget


The last pair of jeans that I’m featuring are from Forever 21. I don’t shop at Forever 21 often (mainly because I’m way past 21), but sometimes I venture in there just to see what cute trendy pieces they have. However, when I do venture in there, I’m reminded of how much I love their jeans. Forever 21’s jeans are as low as $10 (like the ones I have on in this picture below), and they fit well. Their high waist jeans are great especially for us women who have the little pudge (they enhance our curves while smoothing the tummy).  They’re really comfortable and cute. Forever 21 also has a curvy selection called Forever 21+. The Forever 21+ selection caters to plus size women. So, like the other two brands mentioned above, they do provide for different shapes and sizes.


TopForever 21  JeansForever 21  HeelsTarget  Bag (Not Pictured)NY & Company

When it comes to jeans, comfort is key. Most of us women live in jeans so we can’t afford to walk around in uncomfortable clothes all day. We also can’t afford to spend tons of money on a decent pair of jeans. I’ve found that the brands mentioned above (Old Navy, New York & Company, Forever 21, and many others) have fabulous and affordable pieces that are worth the try. What are some of your favorite jeans that are moderately priced and fit fabulously? Where’d you get those jeans?

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Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author.

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