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I came across Boujee + Uninterested on Instagram after watching business coach Sabrina Peterson of GlamUniversity. She was putting the spotlight on this dope designer and brand. I headed over to @Boujeegangclothing IG page and loved everything they had going on.  I do believe all of us women is a little boujee and trendsetters in our own right. I thought what better way to get the CEO behind the brand on Get INSPIRED for an interview.

Meet CEO The Sydney Nicole.…..


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company.

My name is Sydney Allen, a lot of people know me as Sydney Nicole. Born and raised in a small town, Kings Mountain, NC. I am a lover of all things fashion, women empowerment, and GOD. The name of my company; Boujee + Uninterested, came to me while I was cleaning the bathroom in my apartment (it sounds so crazy every time I say it, lol) Boujee + Uninterested was initially going to be a collaboration with one of my favorite streetwear brands; Demode Clothing, based out of Raleigh, NC. The first collection grew so big that I decided it would be better to turn it into an actual business, that was the beginning of it all. Boujee + Uninterested is a streetwear brand that is now 6 months old and based out of Charlotte, NC. Its focus is building up young girls, and women to be the very best version of themselves…it has even impacted a lot of men, which was a HUGE, but an amazing surprise to me. The statements on my tees and hats are to encourage individuals to move at their own pace, remind them that they are BOMB AF, motivate them to create their own lane and not be afraid of what it looks like.


How did you get started in the clothing/fashion industry?

I started in the Fashion Industry as an independent model at the age of 10-19. That is when I realized that everything clothing would be my life. At the time I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I had a hand in everything; I was a celebrity fashion stylist assistant, fashion showroom manager…the list goes! Just having those opportunities made me fall more and more in love with fashion. It took years for me to find my niche and figure out what would work for me.

What leaders in your industry inspired you to start your collection?

I look more so at women who are changing the game, Sabrina Peterson; the woman behind Glam University. Ming Lee; Snob Life, she changed the hair game. Sophia Amoruso; she built an empire that empowered women to be unapologetically them. Their stories are inspiring and their work ethic is unmatched. I pay attention to these women because they have mastered something that women allow to get in front of their dreams every day; FEAR. They’ve made their industry their bxtch and they are making it happen! They understand that working collectively as women bring about more success and opportunities than trying to build an empire alone. It’s truly understanding that you CANNOT be afraid and you CANNOT do it alone.

What fears did you have starting your company?

The fears I had starting my company was the response from potential customers and the longevity of my company. You constantly read how over 70% of start-up businesses fail, it tends to place a fear in you that is like none other. So I have prayed over my business ever since the initial idea of it and I decreed that God would continue to bless me with strategy, wisdom, and creative strength that would always keep me relevant and set me apart from all other gazillion businesses that are popping up every single day. My recipe is GOD. So having the faith that I will always be kept, released the fear from every other area that initially had me freaking out, LOL.

What’s your favorite item thus far?

My favorite item thus far is ALL of them, lol! Everything aside my favorite item has been the “All About My Check” hat and “The Future Belongs to Women Who Hustle” tee. Those have been my TOP items consistently!


Where do your creative juices come from as it relates to your brand and vision?

My creative juices come from music, things that I go through or things that I take away from my friends and creating motivating quotes from that.

How has your support system been from friends and family with your business?

My family and friends have been perfect. The support has been out of this world. One of my good friends Carlea, who is also in the fashion industry would drive from her apartment in Atlanta to my apartment in Durham to help me with photo shoots. My dad is always so excited to help me with something, he separates tees by size for me, make sure everything that I’ve ordered in is complete and nothing is missing, my sister is who I always run my ideas by, I also have THE BEST assistant in life…she covers everything for me, lol. I hear so many people tell stories about how they wish they had friends and family who supported them and I couldn’t imagine not having that support. It truly takes a village.

Has your journey of entrepreneurship with starting your company been difficult or easy? Explain.

My journey of entrepreneurship has been a mixture of both! It has truly been an emotional rollercoaster, but one that I’m okay riding over and over again. I’ve learned so much about business as well as myself. I never had an issue of what my vision for Boujee + Uninterested would be, it’s just life happening in the process and overcoming it and not being consumed by it and letting it be a point of giving up. In the process of starting my business, I moved from Durham, NC to Charlotte, NC. During that time the demand for product increased dramatically so I could no longer handle my business the way that I would have when I first started it. Moving to Charlotte I had to outsource everything, I’ve never been good on other people’s time. So while I projected my SZN 4 Collection to release mid-July, here I am in the 2nd week of August and it still has not released. Running a business will teach you to be patient…if you don’t have patience you will learn to get it or else it will literally drive you completely NUTS. Honestly, there is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur, it’s having passion about what you’re doing that makes it all worth it and willing to go through. I’ve cried, been at the point of giving up, I’ve been frustrated with myself, and the list goes. You have to be willing and know that it’s all worth it.

What challenges have you faced as a female entrepreneur?

The challenges I’ve faced is not being taken seriously. Let’s face it, as I said before businesses are popping up every day. T-shirt lines and boutiques tend to be the most “Cliche” businesses these days. It sucks, you have people who are just looking for a quick way to make cash and the first ideas they are turning to our t-shirts and boutiques. Seeing the expression on peoples face when I tell them what I do is priceless, but I have to continue to talk about what I am doing and why I’m doing it. Developing the WHY has set me apart and created a lot more opportunities for me and Boujee.


Do you have words of encouragement for some interested in starting a clothing line?

Yes! Develop your why, do not seek validation, be confident, humble, patient, maintain your authenticity, nothing is wrong with failing as long as you are growing, and learning during the process. Yes, money is exciting and we all love making it but do not let the bottom line distract you from the purpose attached to your business. When you are doing what you love, there will always opportunities and checks chasing you. Do NOT put yourself in a box, be consistent, when it rains dance in it and enjoy the ride. There is never a wrong way to do something, figure out ways to make things work! When building my business I was so fascinated and almost obsessed with reading about the success of other business owners in my industry and I had to finally realize that my success will NOT look like there’s. Don’t try to duplicate their journey, stay in your own lane. Be inspired and let things motivate you, but do not let them make you. YOU CAN DO IT, and YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!

Any future projects or events coming up?

Yes, I will be doing a City to City “BOUJEE POP UP TOUR.”. I will have my first actual location in Carolina Place Mall in January of 2018; I’m so excited about it! I will be doing TONS of collaborations with other GIRL BOSSES. I will be doing “Support Saturday” two Saturdays out of every month, where I support another business or organization by donating or simply supporting by purchasing something from the business. There’s so much to look forward to.

How can our readers connect with you on social media?

They can definitely connect with me on

Instagram: @thesydneynicole // @Boujeegangclothing

Facebook: @boujeegang



Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (1)

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