Does Prayer Belong In The Workplace?

     Does Prayer Belong In The Workplace?

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This is truly a topic of conversation that has plagued our nation for many years, except the topic was prayer in the schools.

Many feel like prayer has no place in schools, workplace or in public.

"What does that say about freedom of religion?"

I believe that everyone should have the human right to exercise their religious belief in the workplace, as long as it does not interfere or affect their job performance.

There is definitely a way of doing that without offending others. Prayer does not have to be verbally aloud. Prayer can be said silently on the inside.

A school or workplace can not actually stop you from praying in all reality because no one knows your thoughts or silent word within.

Many are afraid to even discuss or bring up their religious beliefs in fear of being ridiculed and fired from their place of employment.

I pray every morning and during the day. I run my own small business so no one can really tell me I can't.

This Nation was built on God and Prayer, and without it, none of the things that we accomplish in life would ever be possible.

When wanting to exercise your right to religion or prayer, go to your employer and ask if they would allow you space and time to exercise your religious belief.

If this can not be accommodated, then maybe consider using your lunch time, or bathroom break to pray.

You have to be smart and strategic in your freedom of religion without sometimes causing chaos or controversy.

If you are a very religious person, then never ever deny your time with God, but be smart.

"What are your thoughts on Prayer in the workplace?" Should it be allowed?"

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Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (3)

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