Summer ’17: The Takeover of Women in Film

Summer ’17: The Takeover of Women in Film

Girls Trip (2017)

Representation matters and summer 2017 is the summer of women. We have been and continue to be blessed by the images of strong women in TV, movies, and entertainment.

I think the main struggle for women in Hollywood and women in my position is to fight for true representation in the media…
-Amber Heard

game of thrones

I have never felt more alive than I do right now, in this moment. As I watched Daenerys Targaryen descend from her dragon and take the reins on her own war for power and justice, tears welled in my eyes. The show I am referring to is Game of Thrones. Season 7 is well underway for Game of Thrones and the one prevalent running theme is that women will not just handmaidens. This past few episodes have been the embodiment of women strength and I’m loving every minute of it.

We finally got to see Wonder Woman in her first ever standalone film. It was mind-blowing! Gal Gadot was phenomenal. Patty Jenkins, the director, gave us the first look at the representation that we needed. Wonder Woman was beautiful, but strong physically and mentally. She had thigh muscles that jiggled when she moved. We witnessed a woman being strong in a world dominated by men. We witnessed a woman overcoming fears and obstacles. We witnessed a true heroine that held her own.

Projects that feature black actors and are created by black people are so important because what we see in the media dictates how we think about the world…- Amandla Stenberg

girls trip

In the box office smash hit Girl’s Trip, we witnessed the strength and love that comes from a strong sisterhood, especially black sisterhood. For so long, black women have been portrayed in a negative light in the media. This movie showed the whole world the true strength of a bond. The true strength of what a family is. Even though it was cloaked in humor and mild adult fun, the underlying meaning stayed true. Love and friendship are the backbones of our family. This film gave us an almost accurate depiction of black, sisterly love and I’m here for more of this!

Whoopi Goldberg said that she saw a black lady on Star Trek that wasn’t a maid, and that is how she knew she could do what she wanted. Lupita Nyong’o saw Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey in the Color Purple and knew that she could do this too. Representation is an ever-turning cycle that produces some of the best actors and actresses in the world today. Think about how the next little girl that sees Wonder Woman or the next group of friends that go to see Girl’s Trip will feel. This empowerment from seeing ourselves in the media is the fuel for a better world. The more we see what others like us can accomplish the more we want to push ourselves to become.

If you have not blessed your eyes by seeing these films then you are doing yourself a disservice. I highly recommend going to see these two movies and Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron. Take your friends along too! Get inspired and get going!

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