Curvy Curly Conscious: Self-Love Day Party

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It sounds cliché but I love ‘love’. I am an advocate for self-love because I know what it feels like to not love yourself or to feel like you are not enough. Like most people, I had to learn how to love myself as an adult. I knew my parents, family, and friends loved me but I was never taught how to love myself. It wasn’t until I had to piece my life back together after a divorce that I truly learned to accept and love myself as I am. It was not an overnight process. I started the process seven years ago. There were many roadblocks, old beliefs, and relationships that had to be shattered for me to learn the true meaning of self-love. It is an active process that evolves daily.

In Feb 2017, I started posting self-love quotes out of a need to remind myself but also as a reminder to others. I frequently check #selflove social media hashtags and one day stumbled across Curvy Curly Conscious (CCC) and immediately fell in love with their message.



On August 20th, Curvy Curly Conscious brought Self-Love Day Party to Atlanta. Curvy Curly Conscious was founded by Shelah Marie, who devotes Sunday nights to a live periscope “Soul Study” broadcast, where she interactively engages and guides her fan base through an array of self-love and meditation techniques.  I was elated to discover Atlanta would become one of the stops on the CCC self-love tour and I couldn’t wait for its arrival. It was hosted at Terminus 330 in downtown Atlanta. It was the perfect venue filled with great vibes, shopping, food and a fun pack itinerary.  Shelah opened the event by guiding the crowd into setting the intention for the day.  This was followed by a panelist of women who shared their insight on balancing entrepreneurship with the daily challenges of raising a family and maintaining happiness in their relationships.  The panelist spoke of the importance of self-love and taking time to refuel amid our often chaotic lives and schedules.

The CCC experience focuses on promoting self-love, personal development, meditation, and physical wellness, with the ultimate goal of providing individuals with the tools and resources to be able to live a more elevated life.


The panelists were followed by a trap yoga session with Trap Yoga Bae who started by stressing the need for inclusion. Then she jumped right in leading the group on an amazing journey where she balanced mindfulness to the melodic beats of trap music. After the cool down, Shelah lovingly took the audience on a meditative journey to meet their sister self. Your sister self is a version of your higher self that leads and guides you. Later the group was asked to journal about their experience.  Some of the ladies shared their experience with the group. Everyone spoke of gratitude, finding peace and gaining insight into positive opportunities as a result of their experience at the Self Love Day Party. The party ended by cranking up the music as guest mingled with cupcakes and sangrias. It was a phenomenal day, definitely worth catching next time around.


Your relationships are a perfect mirror of your relationship with yourself – Katherine Woodward Thomas, Calling In the One


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