Are You Giving Your All in Your Relationship? Or Bits and Pieces?


Are you giving your all in your relationship, or are you holding back for some odd reason? A lot of the time people hold back within their current relationship because they are afraid to love and get hurt, again. Most people do not realize that they are holding back until it’s too late. Although, if you really pay attention, your partner will be the first to tell you that they are feeling neglected, but you have to be willing to listen.

Withholding from your relationship causes a complete disconnect, it causes you not to hear your partner concerns, wants, or needs.


Finding yourself loving without giving your whole heart can become depressing; especially if you want a future with this person. If you do not want to lose him, you will need to step your game up. One major question that you may need to ask yourself, is why are you NOT giving your all to this person BECAUSE he is deserving of it, especially if he’s loving you right. You want a relationship, but you don’t want to let go of the pain from the past, you don’t want to give your heart away again because you can’t take another heartbreak. This is causing doubt and will develop into trust issues if You continue like this. You are doubting your relationship because you have allowed fear to set in. Stop holding back and stop doubting.

Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow. -Caroline Myss

Take that risk on love and love again. Give him 100% of you, as he is doing the same for you. He could be what you have been praying and asking God for, but how will you ever know if you don’t take that chance? This relationship could be a blessing, don’t block what God is doing.


Being emotionally disconnected can be a huge problem in any relationship. A relationship without emotions and real love is pointless. It will lead to none stop arguing, fighting, and miscommunication daily. Take some time out to get your thoughts in order, process your feelings, and figure out why you don’t want to give your all. Ask yourself if you’re even trying? Are you holding your current man accountable for your past relationships that didn’t work? Are you afraid to love again?

It’s not fair to hold all men accountable for what one man did, every man is not the same. He is here to love you properly, but only if you let him.

Make a decision to love this man with 100% of you, meaning give him your all or nothing at all. Giving 50% of yourself is not fair to any relationship and trust me you wouldn’t want half of any man. Never lead anyone on; especially if you do not want to give him everything he needs. Take inventory of yourself and figure out what it is, that you want before wasting someone else’s time and energy. Put yourself in his shoes; would you deal with someone that loved you only when it’s convenient?


Would you love someone that can change their love for you within a blink of an eye, or would you want someone to love you unconditionally? Would you prefer someone to hold you down, or would you want someone to give up on you, every sign of trouble? Would you want someone to love you until your whole again or someone to run away every time you cry out or have a concern?

The questions above are some questions that you really need to ponder upon. If you want a real relationship, and you want someone to love you with 100% of themselves, then you have to be ready and willing to give that same 100% back. I would suggest that you lay everything out on the table with whomever you are dealing with. Make sure that you all have an understanding of what type of relationship you are committing too before anyone catches feelings. Be open and be honest with yourself as well as with your partner.

Lastly, know what you want before dragging a person through an unwanted relationship. Nobody wants ANOTHER HEARTBREAK.

Be Blessed

Ms. Taynia A. Coleman

Owner of Destined With A Purpose, Blogger, and Entrepreneur

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