How to Market Your Business or Product

Small business owners really have to step up their marketing in the world. One upside to being a small business owner is you can offer personal hands on service to your customers. 

Many business owners fall short when it comes to marketing. Not enough money is calculated when it comes to marketing in their budget.  Many are unsure of other marketing strategies besides post to Facebook, post to Instagram, pay for an ad, etc. And maybe aren’t even sure what exactly marketing is.  Do your research and choose what works for your business.

Marketing is definitely the key to any business surviving.

Marketing, advertising, branding, social media strategies etc., There is a lot to learn and cover. It can be overwhelming. But without marketing, people won’t hear or learn about your business and products, which obviously affects your sales.

 I will share a few marketing ideas for you to implement in your business

1. Try leaving your promo cards or business cards on the counter of a store.

2. Slip your business card inside of a magazine at bookstore, doctors office or salon.

3. Try sprucing up your packaging.

4. Create a contest giveaway or freebie.

5. Collaborate with another business or blogger in your field.

6. Email Marketing.

7. Word of mouth. Get clients to leave testimonials.

8. Try posting an ad space in a magazine. ( If your budget allows it)

9. Host an online Pop-Up

10. Try Brand Ambassadors to promote your product or service.

When sending products by mail, brand the box, bag or wrapping. Millions of boring looking boxes are shipped every day, it wouldn’t be hard to make a package stand out. A bright colored box or big bold sticker could do the trick. You never know who might see that package.

Presentation is everything!

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Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author. (3)


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