The Pivot Co, CEO Margaret Alabi Talks Start-Up and How Her Firm Strategically Helps Professionals Progress, Grow, and Find Their Purpose in the Marketplace


For those of you who are looking to change employment….

Unsure of your next career move…..

Or you are a recent graduate and is having difficulty finding employment….

Margaret Alabi, CEO of The Pivot Consulting firm provides insight on how her and Co-Founder, David Alabi, can strategically help you create a plan of action, progress and find a career you are passionate about in the marketplace.

Get INSPIRED and check out the interview below….

Tell us a little bit about yourself childhood, upbringing, professional career etc.,

I am the firstborn of Nigerian immigrants, I am the sister of two siblings, one brother, one sister. I am an Atlanta native and yes, I am a Grady-baby, so you know it’s real! My childhood was spent vacillating between three worlds, the African(Nigerian) world, the black world and the world at large. I became acutely aware of the distinctions of these worlds when I entered the 7th grade and harnessed the power of each of these worlds once I entered the 9th grade to devise a plan that would allow me to succeed on my terms (email me for the details, I’m always happy to share!). I always get a kick out of telling people who I am a pharmacist by training, however, I have not counted a pill since the day I graduated! They always ask me, “how?” I attribute it to the power of self-awareness, once you know yourself it’s easier to navigate your way to accomplishing your goals!

What inspired you to start a start-up? And how was the Pivot Consulting Group birthed?

The idea came to me in 2013. At the time, I was completing my post-doctoral fellowship in Health Policy and Strategic Patient Advocacy and it was a lonely time for me. I was the only African-American in my department (Corporate Affairs) with an advanced degree who was not an administrative assistant (no shade, no tea, I love admins!), and it was difficult not having colleagues or peers that looked like me.

Simultaneously, I began to receive calls from African-American students and some from other cultures asking for my advice on how to get into the fellowship program and with my coaching, they were successfully being extended offers and that’s when I knew that, helping people make progress towards their purpose is was I was created to do!

My brother, David Alabi and I decided to make the Pivot Consulting Group.  a reality in January of this year.


Not too often do we see a brother and sister duo working together in a start-up company. How did this partnership form?

David and I have been partners in crime since we were kids. We are only 3 years apart and so it’s easy for us to relate to each other and when David was ready to enter the workforce, he reached out to me for advice. Not too long after that, he began to refer his friends to me and when I returned to Atlanta in 2016 David was the first one to tell me that I can’t keep giving this gift away for free!

What challenges have you faced working together?

I wouldn’t say that we have challenges, LOL! We have different working styles. David is very laid back and I am very assertive. We are the perfect complement to each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t go through life, GROW through life! – Margaret Alabi

And how do you keep it professional and not let personal issues create friction in the company?

We value each other as siblings first! We are brother and sister before we are business partners and keeping this in mind helps us to minimize friction!


What services does The Pivot Consulting Group offer? And who is best suited for your services?

We offer career strategies and leadership development in the form of one-on-one coaching and workshops for young professionals of culturally diverse backgrounds. Our services are best suited for:

  1. Young professionals who are entry and mid-level
  2. Academic institutions looking to provide their students with career advice/professional development while leveraging the experience of someone who students can relate
  3. Businesses who are looking to hire diverse talent and provide professional development options for their employees

Once you know yourself it’s easier to navigate your way to accomplishing your goals! – Margaret Alabi

Any words of wisdom or encouragement for our readers?

Of course! Don’t go through life, GROW through life! This quote guides me daily as it helps to avoid the natural human desire to resist change! Change is necessary for progression in life, learn how to embrace it!

What upcoming events or projects are you working on at the moment? And what do you have in store for 2018?

We are currently working on our next live event scheduled for the month of October with more details to follow soon, so please check our social media platforms! 2018 is going to a big year for us as we are looking to expand the number of networking events we offer to the public and start a podcast series!

How can our readers connect with The Pivot Consulting Group across social media?

You can find us on Instagram and Twitter: @thepivot_co and Facebook: thepivotco


Written by Zeta J., Founder of Get INSPIRED LIfestyle Blog

zeta J.

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