Libra Hicks, Founder of Our Children’s Story Presents, The 1st Annual Purple and Green Gala Charity Event November 4, 2017



The Purple and Green Gala is an annual event that will raise money for Our Children’s Story a non-profit organization geared to assist families with finding resources for the special needs loved one. This organization is striving to make a significant impact and bridge gaps that are being neglected. Families are suffering, having to choose between rent and medical. Losing their jobs, not having access to resources that are out there. Building a stronger, more independent community. Educating families and building confidence.

Established in 2010, Our Children’s Story was created to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. We also focus on educating, uplifting and inspiring families who feel alone in this lifestyle.

Our Children’s Story mission is to uplift, inspire and educate families who care for children with (dis)Abilities. Breathing life back into the community and giving hope where hope has been lost.

Our Children’s Story is striving to build self-esteem, bridge the financial gap, offer grants, free workshops, and camps. We want to offer employment to parents struggling to keep a traditional.received_10214803005735480

To Learn More About Our Children’ Story visit

Purchase Tickets for The Purple and Green Gala visit Eventbrite 

Email Founder, Libra Hicks for information on supporting or donating to Our Children’ Story.


Press Release covered by Zeta J, Founder of Get INSPIRED Lifestyle Blog

zeta J.

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