Cardi B: You Can’t Mess With Me If You Wanted To

Cardi B is everywhere. There is no denying that! She’s amazingly rose literally from the bottom now she’s here. Cardi B has the number one spot on the Hot Billboard 100   right now, and there’s still an enormous amount of hate being spewed her way. I just don’t understand why because Cardi is definitely for the culture. Some people who are fans in disguise, you know the type that follow everything a celebrity does but hates on their every move. A lot of people who I’ve seen in her comments were definitely not a part of the infamous #BardiGang, but she quickly silenced the haters.

young cardi

Hailing for the borough of the Bronx, Belkalis Almanzar known as Cardi B, is a Trinidadian and Dominican girl with a large personality. She attended a performing arts high school in the Bronx, and after high school real life began. In an abusive relationship, Cardi has been known to say she used stripping to escape a life she didn’t want. She went to college, but ultimately dropped out. Dropping out of college didn’t stop the small framed, rapper from getting to the bag. She garnered a large following on social media, more specifically, Instagram and that was all she needed to succeed moving forward. Cardi’s larger than life personality and occasional gem dropping made the people take notice.

Cardi 3

When Cardi joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York, she instantly became a star. She showed her relationship with “Tommy” who was her locked up fiancé, how DJ Self would continuously avoid playing her music, and most importantly her need for people to take her seriously. She became a crowd favorite when she read Peter Gunz for filth at the reunion. Just like a typical man that’s doing wrong he tried to deflect the attention to her plastic surgeries, but nothing he could say could be heard over the applause for Cardi’s statements. When she returned for the second year, the show’s seventh season, she had a mixtape and a couple of videos under her belt. Cardi B had a renewed hunger for the music. She had light beef with her producer’s girl, but said she was angry at herself for reacting that way. This showed the audience that Cardi had evolved.

Then, Cardi B inked a major label record deal with Atlantic Records, five months later “Bodak Yellow” was born. This was the start of the rise to superstardom. “Bodak Yellow” was released in June, by August the song was at number two on the Billboard chart. As of today, she’s holding the number one spot down.


Cardi B has haters of all kind, but if you can’t respect the music respect the grind. Cardi B is literally the rose that grew from concrete that Tupac was talking about. I, for one, am a huge fan and wish nothing but great things in her life and career. And true to her words, ain’t nobody messing with Cardi right now.

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