London B., Owner of London Bridges 4 You Hair and Professional Stylist in Atlanta, Publish Her First Novel “In The Shadows”

It’s All About the Brand


London B. pictured with Shanna Jefferson , Co-founder of The CEO Goddesses

I had the pleasure of meeting London B. earlier this year at Meet The Authors, an event that I host in various upscale hotels throughout the year. It is a gathering of authors coming together to talk business, marketing, strategies and the day in the life of an author. London was the only woman that was not an author. But we what we had in common was passion, determination, and straight hustle! She left feeling empowered and equipped, ready to add another title “Author” to her brand “London Bridges 4 You Hair”.

Get Inspired….

finalTell us about London Bridges 4 You Hair.

London Bridges 4 You Hair is a company that specializes in custom looks from extensions, glam make-up and custom wig units. Our motto “we customize your beauty needs to fit your lifestyle because we know all women are different.”

How did you come up with your company name London Bridges 4 You Hair?

I am that girl, who is always changing her name. I have so many but I’m not going to get into that not right now! I would call myself London and my wife said: ” Why don’t you call yourself London Bridges?” We laughed about it and I slept on it for awhile. I really thought it was a unique name and I liked it. I then came up with the “4 You Hair”, because I am for the people and my business is hair. That’s how “London Bridges 4 You Hair” was formed.

What set you apart from other stylist and beauty influencers in your industry?

I am more than beauty and hair. I am here to uplift and motivate young girls and women. Empowering them to become anything their heart desire as long as they believe in God.

What motivates you to get up and do what you do on a daily basis?

My two daughters are my motivation. I have been a mother since the age of 17 and Kayla has always made me want to go harder and provide a better life for her.

I can tell you are very passionate about all that you do and I can definitely see you motivating and empowering this generation of girls. Keep following your heart and allowing God to move you.

Now, let’s talk about your new novel “In the Shadows” that you released on your birthday October 6, 2017.

In The Shadows

What inspired you to write a novel?

I wanted to inspire and motivate young girls across the world and women. Through my work and life experiences, that no matter what life throws at you, where come from or even the family that you were born in, you can still achieve greatness and make your dreams come true.

What can readers expect from your novel “In the Shadows?

As readers turn the pages of “In The Shadows” they will experience joy, pain, and the spirit of love. I take them on a journey through the lives of three women who experience growing pains throughout life but yet at the end overcome challenges. Readers will be able to see the works of GOD throughout these women stories. How he shows up in a need of time when they believe.

Where can our readers purchase your novel “In The Shadows?

My novel  “In the Shadows” can be purchased on Amazon using keywords “in the
shadows” and on my website


What is next for London B? Are you working on any future projects?

Yes, of course! Well, I just released my first novel on my birthday October 6, 2017 “In the Shadows” and currently working on the sequel now. I have big plans for 2018! I am in the process of planning the opening of my hair store in Atlanta, Ga. Which I am definitely excited about this a major milestone for me professionally and personally, and most importantly me building and leaving a legacy for my girls. In 2018, the brand “London Bridges 4 You Hair”  will be BIG. I will say 2018 will be eventful and life changing!

How can our readers stay connected with you?

Instagram: @Londonbridges4youhair

Facebook: @LondonBridges Hair

Youtube Channel: @LondonBridges4You


Zeta J., Founder of Get INSPIRED Blog and Meet The Authors

zeta J.


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