“Do You Ever Get Over Your First Love?”

There are so many things about love that can prove to be complicated and we will never fully understand how our heart operates.

Love can make you or break you if you are not strong enough to handle the pressures that comes along with those emotions.

We have this dream of meeting the man or woman of our dreams and when we do finally experience that first love, or connection of the hearts, it can be explosive.

Sometimes that love last and sometimes it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t, do you ever truly get over your first love? Or do you just know you have to move on with your life?”

I fell in love when I was 16 years old and married my first love when I turned 18. We were head over hills in love. He was my first of everything. Although 2 daughters later and after a few years we were seperated and divorced.

I never really got over the love we shared. We have maintain a connection and close friendship over the years. He married again and now divorced.

Our connection and bond has never really been broken, but we just moved on with our lives. I now after 22 years have a chance to rekindle what I had with him.

I question myself daily and wonder if its right. Truth is I never got over my first love. Its strange how you think you are moving on, but in reality your heart can be stuck in a place you once were. Our marriage was not a bad one, just too young to handle the pressures.

He is still my best friend and a big support system for me. Love is really unpredictable and sometimes scary.

What are your thought? Should this door stay closed, or should I give this love another try? 

How has your experience been with a first love? Or you over it?

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