What is Space Within A Relationship?

When in a relationship, is it good to get space from your significant other? I mean like lets pause and take a break for a while type of space.

What is space within a relationship maybe that’s the question that should be asked.

If you ask me the answer will always be NO! Ok, maybe if some fresh air is needed, and either he or she wants to go for a walk or a ride to clear their mind, but that’s about it.

I believe that when two people agree to walk together; meaning be together it means through the think of things! They should be able to come together on misunderstandings and work it out whatever the case may be. Leaving should never be an option unless you’re leaving with no plans on returning.

Generally when a couple separates they give each other enough time and space for cheating to creep in, or even worse hatred can start to set in. If a person needs that much space and time, then maybe, they no longer want to be involved and have a reservation on leaving anyway. Whatever the case maybe a person should always have the respect for the other person enough to be open and honest.

Transparency is the key; be as real with them, as you would want them to be with you.

I will say this a million times until I’m blue in the face communication is so vital in any relationship. You should be able to talk to one another about real feelings, and life choices. If your feelings have changed within your relationship you need to have a serious talk and maybe it’s something that your significant other hadn’t notice and will make an effort to change. Somethings need to be talked about instead of letting them dwell inside of your head.

Don’t be afraid if you have changed…this is something that needs to be addressed.

Never believe that a person automatically knows what you want and/or desire because that will always cause disappointment in the end. It is impossible for someone to know what your thoughts are. If communication is not present inside of your relationship, then I would like to suggest, counseling or seeking a relationship coach/expert in order to catch the breakdown and to help solve the problem.

As always pray, seek, and find God in all that you do.

God Bless,

Taynia A. Coleman

Owner of Destined With A Purpose, Blogger, and Entrepreneur

Website: www.tayniacoleman.com

Email: tayniacoleman@gmail.com

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