The Truth About Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing

It is day 4 of the #writeabookchallenge. I am covering the pros and cons of publishing. Do you know which publishing route is best for you?

What Is Traditional Publishing?

This route has been around for years. With this route, you submit your manuscript to several literary agents. Once it is accepted the agent in return scout publishing companies who have interest in the genre of your book. The publishing company then work with a team to edit your manuscript, market and promote your book. Once the book is published and in retail outlets, you are paid royalties.

What is Self-Publishing?

You are 100% in control of getting your book published. The process is determined by your efforts. The things a traditional publishing company would control i.e editing, book cover, marketing, promoting etc., you are the party responsible for getting it done. Due to advance technology and innovations, your book can be published in days.

Pros and Cons


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