Special Needs Community Advocate Libra Hicks Hosted The Purple And Green Gala And Cerebral Palsy Awareness Event In East Atlanta


Hearing the heartfelt stories, changed my view when dealing with life experiences and situations. – Zeta J.


Eventide Brewing Co., near Grant Park in East Atlanta, was filled with love and care on Saturday, November 4, 2017. The Purple & Green Gala And Cerebral Palsy Awareness was hosted by “Queen Nola”, mother of a 9 yr old daughter with special needs. The evening opened with remarks and testimonies of individuals living with special needs, caretakers and family members sharing their reality of what it is like taking care of a loved one with special needs.


The lovely and honorable Libra Hicks, founder of Our Children’s Story shared her story and explained why her organization Our Children’s Story was founded.  During labor and delivery with her firstborn son Anthony Jr. aka “Moo” she experienced complications. After a C-Section, Moo was taken straight to NICU, staying several days without knowing the reason why. Unbeknownst to her, the doctor’s negligence during her delivery resulted in “Moo” being disabled for the rest of his life.

Life changing on so many levels. – Zeta J.

She went from being a first-time mom to becoming a student to a new mother having to advocate on behalf of her son all in a matter of seconds. All of this being foreign to her overcoming many challenges.  She developed relationships with organizations and individuals in the special needs community. Libra researched endlessly until she located the resources, funding, and support to help her son and her family get through this time.

Mrs. Libra Hicks is on a quest to help and educate mothers, advocate on behalf of their child assisting them with locating resources and tools needed on a daily basis.  She knows firsthand, what it is like for the entire family to be impacted financially and mentally.

Special needs is its own community, where it takes a village to raise a child. – Zeta J.

As the evening went on, a mother shared, she was fired from two jobs and evicted trying to sustain and take care of her son. Another mother shared her child was autistic and cannabis had changed her life drastically, reducing the number of medications taken on a daily basis.

The message that I heard amongst all speakers, was that they couldn’t take No for an answer.  They all are resilient willing to go over and beyond to ensure their loved ones are taken care of.  Having no time to stop but to keep pushing.

The night ended with awards, food and the purple carpet.

I CHALLENGE you to donate to Our Children’s Story.

EDUCATE yourself about special needs and resources available.

DONATE your time and services to a family member, loved one or an organization.

To LEARN more about Libra Hicks, Anthony Jr. “Moo” and Our Children’s Story visit https://www.ourchildrensstory.org

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Zeta J., Author, Blogger and Business Woman

zeta J.

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