Animal Print is Back – Here’s How to Wear it in 2017

What woman doesn’t love a good animal printed ANYTHING?  Animal print is a classic print that never goes out of style; whether it is a scarf, a pair of pumps, or a dress.  As a statement piece, animal print is perfect and can be paired with almost anything.  It does the job of enhancing your look without overdoing it.


The main thing to remember with animal print is that ONE piece does the trick.  Try pairing your animal print statement piece with simple, monochrome items.   Here are some examples of animal print pieces that can be worn to the office:



An animal print skirt can be worn so many ways.  You can try it with a nice, flowy black top and some black booties, heeled sandals, or pumps.  Or because the animal print can be worn as a neutral, try a color other than black like a forest green top or a burgundy colored top.



Wearing an animal print dress makes a very flashy fashion statement.  Because of its flashiness, be careful with your accessories.  Since the dress is already such a big statement piece, you want to keep everything else very minimalistic.  Black pumps or sandals will do; along with very subtle pieces of jewelry.  The dress will do all the talking.



An animal print blazer is another great way to make a statement.  And once again, because this is such a large piece, you want to keep the rest of your outfit simple.  So, a white or black blouse with black dress pants will do the trick.  Or try another monochrome look and add the blazer on top of it.  It’s not necessary to do a lot because the blazer is already doing the job of making your look stand out.



Animal Print pumps can be worn either professionally or casually.  So, you can throw them on with a nice, solid colored sheath dress or with jeans and a solid colored blouse.  I would even suggest color blocking and adding the pumps as a neutral color to pull your look together.  The possibilities are endless!



An animal print blouse can be worn with so many items in your closet.  I’m picturing a high-waist burgundy pencil skirt with some black pumps, or some black leather pants and a pair of pumps.

Asos Animal Print Dress

I hope this post has given you some ideas of how you can wear animal print almost anywhere and still be “appropriate”.  If you have any more ideas, let us know in the comments section below.  We’re always open for suggestions.

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Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CPS is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author.

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