Southern Cooking: Annie Mae’s Pantry In West Midtown Atlanta

A  few months ago I was solo lunching by myself.  I decided to visit Annie Mae’s Pantry located in West Midtown Atlanta on Northside Drive. I had seen reviews on Instagram so I  decided to check it out.

Annie Mae’s Pantry is owned by Andra Hall of CamiCakes Cupcakes. She has several boutique bakeries throughout metro Atlanta, Ga. If you have a sweet tooth like me be sure to check out CamiCakes.

Back to Annie Mae’s Pantry. Definitely a raving fan. The restaurant reminds me of a restaurant down south in the country. Where your momma took you in the summertime when you were young.

The ambiance is southern and chic.

You have your rocking chairs, mason jars, antique portraits very southern. Your order number is on a wooden spoon which I loved.

My favorite dish no matter what restaurant is shrimp and grits. I was so happy I didn’t have to make a stop at the Waffle House and was able to get a waffle light. Topped with that old fashion syrup! Popping!

Great for a family outing with the kids. The spread was good. It was my first time having a grit patty versus it being creamy, but I enjoyed it. I will definitely be going back.


Check them out if you are in the area.

Annie Mae’s Pantry

Address1700 Northside Dr NW A7, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone(678) 515-7561

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