10 Attributes To Becoming A Bad Ass Girl Boss

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Over the weekend, I was invited to fly out to Los Angeles, California to attend the #lead2018 leadership conference. Super stoked because it was my first time visiting Cali. I was there alongside industry leaders in Jeunesse Global from all over the world.

All expense paid trip! I got the chance to keep a little cha-ching in my pocket. Meet some really cool people who share the same ideas and mindset that I do.

One Heart. One Hope. One Mission. – Jeunesse Kids Foundation

Ladies, since we all are on a mission to becoming a bad ass girl boss in 2018. I wanted to share with you my takeways presented by various leaders at the conference.

10 Attributes To Becoming A Bad Ass Girl Boss

1.  Servant Leadership

2. Authenticity

3. Empower your Team

4. Never ask others to do what you haven’t done

5. Build relationships

6. Build enthusiasm

7. Lead by example

8. Show gratitude

9. Recognize your team by shouting them out and personalize your message.

10. Listen with conviction. Listen to the needs of others.

Leaders and brand influencers start incorporating these attributes quickly to help you become a more effective leader.

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