Atlanta Bloggers and Friends Feed 300+ Homeless People at Hurt Park In Atlanta

Love In A Bag

Feeding the homeless is very dear to my heart!

In 2011,  I was laid off. I didn’t have a place to call home for several months. I ran out of savings and no longer could afford to pay rent. My daughter and I ended up living in the basement of a relative home until I was able to get back on my feet.

So when I can give I give.

Fast forward in 2014, God placed it on my heart to feed the homeless in Atlanta. I listened. I reached out to friends and co-workers to help. I called it “Love In A Bag”.

In the brown paper bag, I packed a sandwich, fruit, chips and bible scripture. Loaded the car and headed down to Pine Street where most of the homeless spent their time in the daytime. On that day we were able to serve 50 – 60 people.

Which was truly a blessing.

It’s nothing like being in your own home.


#Bekindatl Blanket and Food Drive

God placed it on my heart again in October 2017 to feed the homeless.

When God speaks you move. I created a flyer, shared it on social media, and reached out to Get Inspired friends and family. I was definitely overwhelmed with the response I received from donations to help with serving.

The goal was to feed 100 people! But we feed 300 plus people.

Glory to God.

Shout out to the supporters Ashley Guice of Single Woman Chronicles, Tiffanie Luellen of Jainoa’s Closet, Princess Hawthorne of Juici Luci, Dominique Inspires and The Pivot Co. to name a few.

Expect another food drive in 2018…

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