No Cell Phones At The Dinner Table

What is life without your cell phone?

Well, I experienced it for the first time Saturday night.  A good friend of mine hosted her first “No Cell Phone Zone” event. She invited several of her close friends out to dinner at Pappadeaux in Norcross, Ga. The goal was to engage with one another without our cell phone in sight until dinner ended.

Crazy huh! lol

Cell phones are life….

What did we do?

Umm, talked! Interacted with one another. Had real social engagement offline not on social media. Played games..One game we had to write down three things we like and someone had to guess the person.

Told jokes, laughed, and ate really good food. For some of us it was our first time meeting, so we introducted ourselves discussing our personal and professional backgrounds.

Got Cell Phone Withdrawals?

Yes many of us did! The host placed the cell phones up high, out of our reach. When I say we were fiending for the phone. Whe got so antsy when we heard a phone ring or flash!

We came up with every excuse to have our phones but she wasn’t having it! Lol!

I then realized we are too attached to our phones that we lack social engagement. I challenge you to take an hour each day. Use that time to study, read, spend time with friends/family, learn a new hobby. The goal is not to be on your phone.

It’s time for us to seperate ourselves from our phones and learn how to live again!

I will keep you updated on the next event!


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