Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

As 30 peeks around the corner, and I continue to grow as an individual, wife and mom; my tolerance for certain things dwindles. It’s exhausting enough to keep up with the kids, entrepreneurial aspirations, and my marriage. So, letting in the energy of ridiculousness is unacceptable. Here is my quick shit list of what I don’t have time to deal with:

Belly Fat


UGGHHH, if one more person asks if I’m expecting I’m going to explode. I’m a petite person, 5’0 less than 130 pounds but my stomach insists on looking like I weight 180 and three months pregnant. Yes, I’ve had two children and no I don’t work out enough to lose the pudge. But if one more person has the audacity to ask me, I’m crying on the inside and screaming on the outside. No more belly fat! I’ve given myself until my 30th birthday to eliminate the belly pudge.

Why a year, I am honest with myself and my current lifestyle. I need this to be a permanent lifestyle change. I must slowly reintroduce exercise and accountability for my body back into my life. Plus, I love food and a good margarita too much!

Whiny Adults


We all have different life experiences and with those life experiences comes different coping mechanisms. I can respect and appreciate people who are not as even-keel as me; that is what makes life so funny & exciting. But, nobody has the time for people who can NEVER seem to find the silver lining in anything. I mean damn, nothing is going right? I fully believe in the power of gratitude. It’s saved me time & time again. Whining at work, complaining at home, crying without any attempts to solve for change. Man, that’s tough. I get it, but I don’t have time to entertain it. I’m a beacon of change. I believe if it’s not working, then develop some self-awareness and put in the work!


giphy-downsized (1).gif

I CANNOT watch reality television. No Love & Hip or Real Housewives for this gal!  Sorry not sorry but the shit is too much. I don’t know if they’re sprinkling the extra drama sauce on for the cameras or if you yell, scream and fight with people like this in your off-camera life. Bless you. I came home early from work last week and surfed past Maury. Really? All seriousness, I had a headache after watching for only five minutes. The spirit of chaos and confusion is real, and people have got to stop letting that mess fill their minds. I understand it’s entertainment. But if you can’t seem to get certain aspects of your life together, perhaps some of that drama & foolishness is living in your spirit. I also can’t do drama in my friendships. The people I rock with already know. I am NOT the one. I get along with most people because I try to find the good & beauty in everyone and I don’t take shit personally (Shout out to the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, read it).

  1. Debt


Confession time: I have credit card debt. But I owe less than $5,000 thank God, and then there is that pesky little student loan from Grad school (Damn you, FedLoan!).  I am working to clear my credit cards by the end of the year and my student loan by 35. Why? I don’t want to owe anybody for anything. Debt is a like small rock in your shoe. You know it’s there, the shit is annoying, but perhaps not irritating enough to immediately stop walking and get rid of it, so you walk a little further. I also don’t want to have a ball & chain dragging around when I am ready to vacation and travel the world. A $300 a month payment, between credit cards & student loans, is a lot of money! A debt free life is my gateway to financial freedom. My husband and I are planning to buy a new home; we are getting a 15-year mortgage and paying it off in no less than eight years. Again why? I need my money working for me, not lining big banks pockets. I got a family to feed!


giphy (1).gif

No man gets anywhere good, alone. Am I a social butterfly or the life of the party, no. But I do appreciate and understand the power of networking and mentorship, yes. This last year, wow, I have met some AWESOME people. People I know will help me launch my dreams, personal & professional. People must find others. We are all humans, cut from the same cloth; our patterns are just different.  The thoughts & ideas you have are your own, no variety, no additional depth, no feedback. Please don’t shortchange yourself because you don’t trust others. Perhaps you just need to find better people to put in your front row & build a better team.

Make your list of stuff you are no longer going to make time for in your life. You’d be surprised at what you’re secretly and quietly allowing to take up space & time in your life!

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