We Spend Too Much Time On Social Media





Social media is a distraction …..

How many hours do you spend on social media a day?

I found myself at work, home, out and about engaging on social media.

Checking for the latest update, commenting, looking at memes, celebrity updates or photos..

What a waste of time!


I was spending at least 10-12 hours a day.

I wasn’t being productive at all.

Yeah I’m a blogger, public figure and business owner sooo social media is part of my life.

But there has to be balance in my life in order for me to function at a high level.

I removed all my apps from my phone and laptop. Since then I have free’d up so much of my time.

What am I doing?


Exercising more + losing weight by the pounds.

Spending more time with the kids and being present without distractions..

Planning my future…

Moral of the story get off social media and get your life..


Zeta J.

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