Recap: The Posh Girls Club Takeover #eCodeAtl At God Is Dope

img_4160-2It’s been a minute since I attended a women’s empowerment event. After being in the presence of some amazing women yesterday, I left with excitement. And woke up this morning ready to take my business and life to the next level.

The event was hosted by founder, Tori Torres of The Posh Girls Club.

#eCodeAtl was held at God Is Dope located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta from 12pm to 4pm. We enjoyed delicious bites from AppetizeAtl. The PGC socialites and diamonds flew in from Canada and Florida to name a few.

The speakers provided a wealth of information for us to utilize and apply to our business immediately.



5 Nuggets For Entrepreneurs to Reset Their Life And Business


1. You will deter from your dream, but God’s plan will still prevail

Success Coach and Speaker, Monique Bryan dream was to become a fashion designer. Early on in her professional career, her boss pointed out gifts and talents that she recognized and promoted her to a leadership position. After quitting and launching her jewelry making business and quitting; then partnering with a friend and quitting. She realized the gifts and talents her boss pointed out early on in her professional career was God’s plan all along.| Website:


2. Sphere of influence matters.

The Chic Leader, Courtney B, ex-military and retired teacher. Stated you are who you associate yourself with or speak to on a daily basis. Because she’s into mathematics she created a formula to help you identify if the people you communicate with daily are helping or hindering your business. | Website:

3. When life deals you lemons you make lemonade. 

What would you do? You are a stay at home wife. The 24 hour caretaker for your mom. Your husband out the blue ditches the marriage withdraws ALL  the money out of your bank account leaving you with $0. Wendy Maier, founder of Wendy Speaks Real Estate and licensed Realtor, enrolled in real estate school 3 days later and started flipping houses. | Website:

4. Protect your brand early on or pay thousands later.

Millennial Business Lawyer, Salma Benkabbou, aids novice and established entrepreneurs in protecting their brand and business. After finalizing and putting your mission, purpose and business logistics in stone. She advises to contact her to help with setting up your business the correct way legally. Way before you began to focus on the aesthetics of your business.


5. Make money in your sleep a reality.

Meet the Host of #eCodeAtl and Founder of The Posh Girls Club, Tori Torres. For 16 years she has been a stay at home mom, watching her kids grow-up. She built an e-commerce Posh Life Bling, attracting customers like Paris Hilton, Ciara, Khloe Kardashian all from the comfort of her living room. Through trial and error, believing in herself she mastered the secret sauce to making money in her sleep. Can we say ChaChing… | Website:

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