Everything You Need To Know About Face Oils

To oil or not to oil the skin

Facial oils are all the rage right now.  There are mixed reviews about it online, so how do you know if adding a facial oil into your daily skin care routine is good or bad? Let’s go back to the beginning of WHY facial oils were created to give you a better understanding. I’ve been a licensed esthetician for 15 years and when I was doing my training, we were taught that in order to help oily skin, you must strip the skin of oil because oil is bad!!!

This thinking has been happening for decades. Over the past 5 years, facial oils have become the topic of discussion for many bloggers, beauty experts and skin care professionals. With good reason too, because facial oils are highly beneficial to the skin when used correctly.

Yep, they must be used correctly in order to receive the maximum benefit, otherwise you’re wasting your money on a product that’s not working for you skin. I’m going to do a little skin education for you to help you understand oil in our skin and why it’s so important for our skin.

Starting with Oily Skin

If you suffer from oily skin, you know how annoying it is to keep product on your face, you’re constantly shiny and “greasy-looking” and makeup always seems to make your skin look terrible. Today you’re in luck because that oil that you love to hate is actually extremely beneficial to your skin and is going to keep your skin’s barrier intact and minimize your aging process. The myth that oily skin ages slower is actually true and it’s because our skin needs a balance of BOTH oil and water on the skin’s surface in order to keep it functioning correctly.

What is an oil gland?

Oil glands are your pores, they are crucial for your skin to release toxins from inside the body.

Remember, our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and tied to all our internal organs.  Our skin is a detox organ and our body’s first line of defense from harmful bacteria, germs, viruses and environmental pollutants.

This means that everything that goes into our bodies comes out through our pores, which are the oil glands. Oil is sticky for a reason. It’s main job is to hold onto harmful things in our bodies and get them out so we don’t get sick.

It’s also another reason why you may be suffering from acne or breakouts because if there is an imbalance in the body, the toxins will attach to your oil glands and be released onto your skin.  The end result is breakouts.  Fix the problem at the source and your skin will clear up for good.

More on that subject in another blog post!

Why is your face so oily?

You’re oily for three main reasons; 1) you have oily skin; 2) you’re stripping your skin of oil; or 3) your hormones are shifting or your body is imbalanced and causing more oil production.

If you have oily skin, don’t worry!  There are plenty of options for you.

Starting with today you are going to ditch all your oil-stripping products and switch to products that control your oil and NORMALIZE your oil glands.

This includes a facial oil designed for oily skin. Sound odd?

Yep it does.  Why on earth would you put a facial oil on oily skin?

Good news!  Facial oils work with your skin’s oil production and teaches your oil glands to relax their oil production because your skin’s surface is now coated with oil.

Over the course of 4-6 weeks, you will notice your oil production normalize and slow down. 

Why 4-6 weeks?

It takes your skin time to adjust to new skin care products, so you may experience either more oil production or less during that time.  The end goal is to normalize oil production, so please make sure to stick with it.

If you’re still excessively oily after 6 weeks, it’s time to reevaluate your facial oil because it most likely has an ingredient that isn’t helping your oil production.

What about dry skin?

You’re in luck, because if you’ve suffered with dry skin your entire life, you’re going to love facial oils.  When dealing with dry skin, facial oils stimulate oil production so you’ll have more oil on your skin, but not to the excess.

Your skin will feel my hydrated because it’s holding both oil and water in it.  When your skin is dry, your oil production is low, which means less on the skin’s surface.  The water content in your moisturizer will have to be enough to compensate.  Unfortunately, water is not enough to keep the skin’s barrier hydrated enough.  This is why dry skin’s never seem to have moisturized skin.

Adding in a facial oil both morning & night will make a world of difference for your skin. 

This brings me to my final point. How to apply facial oil correctly!

Correct application of a facial oil

We’ve all bought salad dressing and when it sits on the shelf, the oil and vinegar separate and the only way get it to taste right is to shake the bottle before adding to your salad.

Think of our skin in the same manner.  If we have too much or not enough oil or water, our skin will do the same thing.  This results in dry skin or excessively oily skin. When applying our products, the end goal is to keep the skin’s barrier intact and only use products that work with our skin. The hardest part about finding products that work with the skin is finding a line that doesn’t have crap or harmful ingredients.  This is where finding an esthetician or skin care professional that is educated in how the skin works comes into play.

Estheticians and skin care professionals will customize your skin care products and only select products and ingredients that work specifically for your skin’s needs. I can’t stress this enough, because buying in stores or online, you’re just not going to get what you need for your skin.

When adding in a facial oil

It may seem frustrating to add in yet another step to your morning and night routine, but bear with me and stick with it because your skin will thank you.

The best time to add in a facial oil is after applying your serum.  Make sure to wash your face & rinse off the cleanser, apply your serum, then your facial oil and end with moisturizer.

Remember, the salad dressing!  Oil floats to the bottom, it does the same thing with our skin.  Apply the oil first to float to the bottom, the top it off with moisturizer (water).

The coolest part of this step is that when you massage in your moisturizer, the oil and moisturizer blend together & mix like your salad dressing will.

The facial oil will mimic your oil glands and overtime your oil production will normalize.

After 4-6 weeks you will notice your skin take on a gorgeous glow and eventually you won’t need to wear any makeup either!  How awesome is that?

Any questions, please email me: samantha@skindeepil.com. To schedule a consultation with me or to purchase my book about skin, please visit my website: www.skindeepil.com


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