How To Combat Dry Skin

You may think you have dry skin, when in actuality you are dehydrated.

Stop what you doing and check your skin now!

Take your thumb and finger next to it and pull on your cheeks.

If your skin bounce back you are hydrated.

If it doesn’t you are dehydrated.

The recommended amount of water to intake daily is 8 cups of water daily. Some experts may say drink 1/2 your body weight.

After you have drinked the recommended amount of water and your face is still dry then its time to try something new.

Note: Dry Skin lacks oil. Dehydrated skin lacks water.

Here are 5 ways to combat dry skin

  1. Find skincare products that add moisture to you skin.

2.  Limit the use of products with fragrances.

3.  Drink water frequently.

4.  Stop taking hot baths or showers.

5.  Do not use a foam cleanser or soap on your face. This strips your skin of oil causing it to be flaky.

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