The Art of Storytelling

Today, kicked off  day 1 of the #tellyourstory 7 Day challenge. The goal is to get the book out of your mind onto paper and published by end of 2019. I am sharing with writers how to capture the mind of their readers and help them get to the finish line (publishing).

To watch the recap join Meet The Authors  facebook group.

Master Storytelling

Here is a simple definition of storytelling, the message you want to convey. Think of it as painting a picture with words or images.

Before taking a deep dive into writing ask yourself…

Why do I want to tell my story? What is the purpose? Who is my book going to help?

  1. Audience. Who are you talking to? Do you know their age, where they live, interests etc.,
  2. Make them care. Why should they care? Why should they read your book?
  3. Set the scene. Keep them engaged. Share life events, use senses, and how will you connect with them?
  4. Write the beginning and the end first. The middle chapters are for you to share life events and connect with your readers emotionally.
  5. Never forget great stories appeal to readers when there is anger, sadness, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, or joy.

Tune in to day 2 of the challenge by joining Meet The Authors facebook group.






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